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How to Claim DSP Account Insurance Coverage Rs 30 Lakh


DSP Account holders , members of Defefence Salary Package who have their DSP Account in banks for drawing salary or pension are entitled to get Personal Accident Claim. The insurance provider is normally changed every year after signing contract with the defence authority by the bank. So, a common process is described here for preliminary awareness. However process may be modified depending on the IOnsurance providing Company and bank.

How to know who is your insurance provider ?

Insurance provider is usually changed every year after contract signed between Bank and the Insurance Company. To know about your insurance provider for DSP, contact the Bank before intimation of death/submission of claim.

How to Claim DSP Account Insurance Benefit after death of Pensioners/ Serving Soldiers

The claim process consists of 2 stages :

  1. Intimation of death
  2. Submission of death claim form

1. In the event of death of the Salary Package account holder, an intimation as per Annxr 3 is to be given by the claimant to concerned Inssurance provider within 90 days. The intimation of death is mandatory and to be sent to the address of the Present Insurance provider. Please Contact your Bank for details of Insurance provider.

2. The intimation can also be given through the following channels:

  1. Call the Insurance provider on Toll Free Number available in the public domain.
  2. Fax claim intimation form as per Annexure 3 to given number.
  3. Email claim intimation as per Annexure 3 to the email ID availbale from Bank.

(The following details are to be provided to on toll free number

  1. Name of the deceased salary package account holder
  2. SBI salary package account number
  3. Date of death
  4. Date of accident
  5. Cause of accident
  6. Place of accident
  7. Name of the organization (DSP- Army, Navy, Air force, BRO/GREF; Indian Cost Guard; Assam Rifles; PMSP- BSF, CRPF, CISF, ITBP,SSB,NSG), etc.
  8. Personal/ Force number (for DSP, PMSP account holders)

3. Immediately on registering the claim as mentioned in para 3 above, a system generated reference number (or claim number ) would be advised to the claimants by the DSP linked Insurance Company.

4. The claimant shall submit the claim to the address mentioned under para 2
above, within 90 days after intimation of death with the following documents:

  1. Completely filled claim form as per Annexure 4
  2. Attested copy of Death Certificate
  3. Attested copy of police report and F.I.R.
  4. Attested copy of Post Mortem Report.
  5. Certificate by the Home Branch of the Salary Package Account as per Annexure 5
  6. Cancelled cheque leaf of claimant’s Bank account/ Photo copy of the first page of the claimant’s Bank Pass Book containing the name of account holder, Bank account number, IFS code
  7. NEFT form containing details of claimant’s Account Number (i.e. Bank, Branch, Account No, MICR Code No, and IFSC No) as per Annexure 6 certified by claimant’s Bank, for the purpose of payment in respect of settlement of claim.
  8. PAN card copy of the Claimant. If PAN card copy is not available, then form 60 may be submitted.
  9. Other suitable document to prove legal heirship in case claimant is not a nominee/joint account holder as per Bank’s record
  10. For Armed forces, Defense authority report in case FIR is not available.
  11. Additional requirement: Viscera Report / chemical analysis report in case where post mortem report shows the cause of death due to poisoning or alcohol or any substance abuse.

5. Claimant will submit the claim form complete in all respects, with relevant documents mentioned under Para 5—above directly to Insurance Company. The system generated Claim Number & Salary Account Number should be mentioned on the Claim Form (annexure-4) while sending the physical documents. The claim number can be used for any queries/ further follow up with the RGICL claim department.

6. However in case, the claim application is received by the branch having the Salary Account, it will be forwarded to Insurance Company for processing at their end and a copy of the same will be endorsed to the claimant to enable him/ her to subsequently follow up with Insurance Company. A draft copy of the forwarding letter is attached at Annexure 7.

  • Insurance Company will settle claims independently without the involvement of the Bank.
  • All claims shall be entertained by Insurance Company where accident has occurred within the period of policy and death has occurred:
  • within the period of policy or within 12 months of date of accident, in event death occurs after the expiry of policy

B) Settlement Process.

  1. On receipt of the claim (along with all documents), Insurance Company will send an acknowledgement to the claimant/sender.
  2. Insurance Company will, on receipt of complete set of documents, process the claim. Any requirement/deficiencies in the documents submitted, shall be sought by RGICL within 10 working days of receipt of the claim.
  3. All the documents being in order, Insurance Company will settle the claim within 15 working days from the date of receipt.
  4. All the correspondence related to claim will be directly taken up by Insurance Company with the claimant. Branch can be a facilitator.
  5. All the settlement/ disputes will be between the claimant and Insurance Company.
  6. Insurance Company will settle claims independently and the claim settlement will be entirely the responsibility of Insurance Company. Bank will have no liability towards any claim/dispute between the claimant and Insurance Company.
  7. In case of any delay Insurance Company shall pay interest as per IRDA Norms.

If the claimant is not satisfied with the Insurer company’s redressal of his grievance, through any of the above methods (10a & 10b), the claimant may approach the nearest Insurance Ombudsman for resolution of the grievance. The details of Insurance ombudsman are also available on IRDA website: www.irda.gov.in, and on website of General Insurance Council: www.generalinsurancecouncil.org.in and Insurance Company’s website.

  • The contact details of Governing Body of Insurance Council is Secretary General

Governing Body of Insurance Council, Jeevan Seva Annexe, 3rd Floor, S.V. Road, Sancruz (West), Mumbai 400 054 Tel — 022-26106245/889/671 : Fax — 022-2610 6949 Email — inscoun@gmail.com

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