How to Rectify Name of Dependents of Exservicemen and Serving Soldiers on PPO and Service Docs

It has been noticed in many cases that the documentation during the service tenure in the armed Forces not done properly due to lack of awareness or some other reasons. It turns into difficult while we want to get any welfare/benefits from defence or civil authority producing the documents issued by Defene and Civil Organisation simulteneously besides grant of famili pension. Here are some simple steps using which one can change or rectify name of wife of veterans or widows.

How to Change or Rectify name of Dependents of Exservicemen and Serving Soldiers

First name, middle name and surname in any form for ny purpose can be modified which includes :

(a) Inclusion/deletion of letter

(b) Inclusion /deletion of First name , middle name and surname.

(c) Inclusion / deletion of any part of the name

(d) Change in name on change of marital status.

(e) Split/merger of any part /parts (First name , middle name and surname) of the name.

(f) Any change that is not as recorded in the documents submitted earlier.

How to apply for correction of name of wife of veterans/widows

The veteran /widow of deceased soldier will submit application to concerned Record Office through Zila Sainik Welfare Office ZSWO. The ZSWO is required to proccess the application alongwith supporting document duly atested to Record Office.

Documents required for hange of name

(a) Photocopy of discharge book duly attested by ZSWO. Original Discharge Book should be retained by the Exsm.

(b) Self Attested copy of Aadhaar Card

(c) Attested copy of Pension certificate/PAN card/Birth Certificate/Matriulation Certificate with Photograph/Voter I card/Passport – any one of these.

(d) Affidavit/self decclaration dely attested by ZSWO as per speccimen – in original

(e) News paper advertisement for change of name of spouse as per specimen.

Action by ZSWO and Record office on application for change of name

On receipt of application from veterans, the ZSWO will scrutinise the application and will forward the same duly reccommended to the Records office concerned. On receipt of doccuments from ZSWO, they will scrutinise the documents with sheet roll and approval of OIC Records will be obtained. On obtaining approval of the OIC Records, it will be ensured by Record office that the occurances will be published in Non-effecctive series of Part -II order. A copy of approval will be kept in the sheet roll of concerned indivvidual and another copies will be sent to the ZSWO & individual concerned. Record office will also send LPC cum data sheet to PCDA Pension for proccessing of corrigendum PPO.

On recceipt of copy of Part II Order, the individual should report to ZSWO for rectification in the Discharge book. on verification, change of name will be incorporated as per procedure mentioned at Para 8 of the Policy Letter.

Change of name of widows of deceased veterans/wives of veterans will be allowed once in lifetime and no second change will be admissible.

Read the policy letter and get printout of format of affidavit and other forms by clicking here

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