How to Change Mobile Number on SPARSH Portal

SPARSH Portal is now an uninterrupted part of your Life still you are entitled to get Pension.  Family Pensioners also need to stay connected with SPARSH.  It has been experienced by many pensioners that sometimes there is a necessity to change or update mobile numbers due to various reasons.

In this article you will know how to change mobile numbers in SPARSH Portal on your own.  No need to approach any Cyber cafe or Service Centre for this minor task.

To update mobile Number of SPARSH Profile, you need to follow the following steps .  

Step-1 –  Firstly you need to visit official website of SPARSH Defence Pension.

Step-2    Now put your SPARSH Pension ID /  SPARSH PPO Number on the space provided and authenticate with Aadhaar based verification.  Ensure that your aadhar linked mobile number is live and OTP needs to be shared.

Step-3   On successful verification of the identity as step 1 and 2 above, you will be directed to the page where you can enter your new mobile number duly verified by OTP. 

Remember that, all the notifications will be delivered on this updated mobile number only.  You should be aware of that, misuse of your SPARSH profile can be harmful to you.  So, do not trust any unauthorised organisation and do not share any OTP and Credential of your SPARSH Profile.  Try to do all the SPARSH Related work on your own using your  smartphone.