How to Apply for Dependent ID Card

how to apply for dependent i card

As per SOP formulated by the Kendriya Sainik Board, you may get  Identity cards for the dependents of Ex-servicemen and family Pensioners.  Detailed process is here.  Application can be completed in two exclusive steps – A) First apply online.  B) Then apply offline.

Online Apply Process for Dependent I card

Step-1: If you have not registered before on the website of Central Sainik Board, then register first by filling your service details. Website Name:- (

Step-2: Log in after receiving Log ID and Password via SMS/Email from KSB. Change password.

Step-3: Then log in and open your page and fill the form for Dependent I card online. Select FRESH to apply for the first time. Select ZSB North 24 Parganas.

Step-4: Write all the data as written in the discharge book or PPO. Not according to Aadhaar card data. Ex-Servicemen/Widows to upload their photo.

Note-1: Scan and upload your passport size color photo, discharge book, PPO etc. from original documents. Do not scan from photocopies.

Note-2: Take a print before submitting the online application. I want the family details and photo to come properly in the print copy.

Note-3: On submission of online application, it will show “Pending at ZSB”. After you submit offline application online application will be verified and approved. Till then it will be pending. don’t worry

Offline Apply Process for Dependent I card.

Download the the blank form for offline application as available at the bottom. Print on both sides of an A-4 or legal size paper. Not on two separate pages.

Download Blank Form –

Documents required for Dependent I card 

1. Print one copy of online application.

2. Offline application form. Fill the form in one copy. Fill all the details (name and date of birth and address etc.) as given in the discharge book.

3. Photo: Three photos are required.

4.  A Joint or Group Photo: A group photo is required with dependents today. 4cm (H) X 6cm(W) ​​size. Paste the photo on the second page of the application.

5.  Single Photo for Application: One single photo for each member should be pasted on the second page of the application. Size 2cm wide X2.5cm height.

6.   Single Photo for ID Card: Not more than 3 months old. Do not take photos with glasses or caps and girls with braids or hair in front. The photo is exactly as you see it now. Do not change/edit colors. Size 2cm wide X2.5cm height. If the photo does not match the member’s face today, the ID card will not be issued.

7.   Discharge book or service certificate of widow. Give only service and personal records page, address page and family details page.

8.  Copy of PPO/ Pension Book.

9.   Ex Servicemen ID Card issued issued by ZSB.

10.  Aadhaar Card: Copy of Aadhaar Card of each member. whose card he will sign.

11.   Certificate: For children above 20 years, fully dependent on parents, earning less than ₹9000/- per month and married, a certificate should be brought from Gram Panchayat or Councilor of Municipality. Parents’ combined income is less than ₹9000/- per month and you need written dependent certificate.

Application Process for Dependent I card to ZSB

(a) Keep all the documents in a thread folder, write rank, name and active mobile number on it and deposit it at your ZSB . Do not deposit any original documents.

(b) After checking all the original documents, if those are found correct, then go to the cash counter and pay ₹100/- per card and take the receipt.

(c) When the I card is prepared , you will be informed accordingly.

(d) Collect the I Card from the officer of the Sainik Board by bringing the original documents to the person in whose name the card is.

Note-1: For collection of Dependent card –  Bring all dependent family members together. If not, don’t come.

Note-2: The ID card cannot be given to someone else unless the person in whose name the ID card is issued.

 Note-3: When you get the I card, check it carefully. If something is wrong , inform ZSB officials immediately. If everything is fine, laminate the card and keep it carefully.

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