How Can I activate my SPARSH account from Mobile phone?

Approx 30 lakh Defence pensioners have already been been migrated to SPARSH. system is now an integrated part of Defence Pensioner’s Life as this system is now disbursing pension, solving all kinds of your problems. Regarding any data update after retirement can now be done directly without a long waiting at Zila Sainik Board.  

Those who have already activated the SPARSH account , may read our other article to complete the PDV,  Declaration & Data modification/update.   To activate your account for the first time you may follow the guidelines described here :-

Step -I  –   Visit the official website of SPARSH on your laptop/PC/ Mobile or install SPARSH Mobile App.  SPARSH Portal  – 

Step -II – In the Sparsh portal click on login button and put your Credential i.e User ID and Password to access the website.   click on *I’m not a robot*   on  left side after log in.

STEP – III   Change this  password with your own password. ( new Password should have  Capital letter, small letter, special characters @/#/ &, Numbers) The password must have 8 to 12 characters.. Please keep the user ID / password safely written in your diary for future use. 

STEP – IV   Next – Log out .
STEP – V   Again Login using. ( new password.)
STEP – VI   *Alert* screen shall come. Read & click *ok* .

STEP – VII  *Acknowledgement* (Undertaking of Refund of Excess Payment) will come. Read and click *Next* .
STEP – VIII  *Acknowledgement* (Consent to use of Aadhar to avail    Pensionary benefits through SPARSH) will come. Tick  *I Agree* on left bottom   below click *Yes* & click *Next*. 

STEP – IX  *Acknowledgement* (Consent for receiving notifications on mobile number and email ID) shall come.  Read & click *E_Sign Declaration* .
STEP – X  *Confirmation* (You will be redirected to C-DAC website to e _Sign the declaration) will come. Read & click *Ok* .
STEP – XI   C-DAC screen select  Aadhar Number.

STEP – XII   *Aadhar No* enter your Aadhaar Number without any spaces.STEP – 13.   Select Aadhar OTP . 
            Declaration Box. Touch and ensure Tick Mark.
            *GET OTP.*

STEP – XIII  Here you shall get OTP 6 digit on registered  mobile number of Aadhar FROM AADHAAR WEB SITE.
        *Enter OTP*  .
          We are processing your request, please wait…. 

STEP – XIV   Once Processing complete *Acknowledgement* shall come.  Below that   ‘Declarations file  e_signed successfully‘ and be seen. *Submit* click .

STEP – XV  *Confirmation* (Do you wish to submit Declaration?)  *Ok* click .

STEP –  XVI   *Acknowledgement* (Your data has been submitted successfully You will now be redirected to ‘Track Status’) .*Ok* click .

STEP –  XVII   Next screen that appears – press ‘Refresh‘ next  will come Screen/ information.
STEP – XVIII   Log out  and log in back again.  (YOU ARE DONE)

STEP – XIX   In the  Screen  touch the three *Line* Next *My Profile* click

STEP – XX    Next  *Manage Profile* click details – *Update Profile*  (Personal, Service, Family, Bank, Other, Nominee, Documents) Check and verify all details, you can correct all the errors here then press Next,  Next , details  and then click *update*.

(Note – To Amend Data : you need to  click  Mark / Symbol in the Action column. On the left side near Details  you shall see a pencil symbol,  click and  amend /  do corrections.)
            “Now you complete Personal Data Verification (PDV) ”

STEP –XXI   Log Out . 

If you are not confirmed about your SPARSH Migration status may read this article –