High Court Ordered Strictly as Army Given No Pension to Family after Death of a Soldier on Duty

Is it true that the  army’s attitude towards its soldiers is not good? The army means that the senior officers’ attitude towards their soldiers is not good. This is the bottom tip of the high court. He has said that as long as the soldier is useful to you, he works for you, then you worry about him.

If something big happens to him, then why don’t you help him? Why do you harass them by giving references to the old British laws? A soldier who joined the army in 2001 as a signal man, his name is Surinder Sing Sholanki. In 2010, from his unit, goes to Goa for a T.D. and meets an accident on the way. Now, if a soldier meets an accident or something happens during his duty, who is responsible for it? His family, his parents, his wife, his children, or the Army? 

If it is the army’s responsibility, then why doesn’t the army fulfill it? Now, after the accident, the army informs his family that Surinder Singh Sholanki from has met an accident with the army and closes his documents. Now, the story begins. Who will take care of the pain and suffering of that family? Can’t the army take care of it? Can’t the army help him? But they didn’t help the army. That’s why the judge had to say this.

What happens is that after 2010, and his family still doesn’t get a pension, his old parents are wandering around and it is being said that when the army conducts an investigation, then the army gives instructions to bring the death certificate. Now, which date should be brought on the death certificate? Which post-mortem has taken place? Which hospital will give you the death certificate? And on what basis will they give it? The judge of the High Court says that when you have the documents, you have the speech, you have the loss, then it becomes your responsibility. But no, those old parents kept wandering around.

When the matter goes ahead, when the matter goes to the High Court in Indore, then the judge is very sad. And he has said in simple words, that if a soldier meets an accident, then his behavior towards his loved ones changes. This is what the judge said,  because the judge did not see his pain, that he has been wandering for many years for a pension, and whose responsibility is the death certificate? Since when will the death certificate be made? He is saying, make it, then your pension will start.

And this matter goes on wandering in the High Court. And what does the judge of the High Court say? You will have to listen to this story. And do this matter too. This is the news from two days ago. The soldiers of the army live for the country. They die for the country.

When a soldier suddenly meets an accident, or something happens, then the behavior of the army towards his loved ones changes. Instead of helping the family of the missing soldier, the army requests him to announce the death of the soldier through the High Court. The army says, you go to the High Court, and announce it from there, then we will give you a pension.

Is this right? Where we give a guarantee that there is a lot of brotherhood in the army today, can’t we do this? What are the rules that come in front of us? We are in front of you, our soldiers are in front of us, an incident has happened in front of us. Then what is the rule? And what rule do the family members have in front of you? Bring your own things, friends. The difficulty of the family of the missing soldier is that the army has refused to issue a pension and other benefits.

The family is not getting paid any  pension, gratuity or commutation. Even though  not given the money for his leave. They can’t even give a fund. Why? That you get me a certificate from the High Court, a death certificate.

This is what the army is saying. While the army is the unit of the real home of a soldier. But the matter goes to the court again.

With this argument, the Indore Khand Peeth of the Madras High Court gave a verdict in favor of the family of the missing soldier. The court said that from the day you made him disappear in the record, the one who said that he is missing, from that day itself, the family of the soldier should be given a family pension and other benefits. The case is of a soldier of Manso district, Shundar Singh Sholanki.

He was enrolled as a signalman in 2001. He was going to Goa in 2010. He suddenly disappeared.  That is, the court has said that the day you have shown that he is missing, from that day itself, get your business done. Give from there. We will not give.

What else is there? He should be given a pension as soon as possible, and with full rights and with arrears. On this, the army informed the parents of Sholanki that he was missing. In the internal investigation of the army, it became clear that he had disappeared from Goa and his family pension had not been received.

This is the whole story. After hearing both sides, the judge Anil Burma, on the date of the soldier’s death, on 25 July 2010, on this date, ordered his relatives to be given a family pension and other benefits. Soldiers are found in large numbers under the guise of pride, in other places.

But the date of his disappearance is not considered the date of his death. This is a matter of grief and misfortune.


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