OROP Arrears Received without SPARSH Migration

orop arrears

If you have not still received your OROP Arrears and not migrated to SPARSH, this article is for you. SPARSH system is now integrated part of Defence pensioners pension matter. All defence pensioners who are presently drawing pension from Bank, Post Office and DPDO etc, will now be migrated to SPARSH and PCDA Allahabad will disburse the pension directly to your bank account. The system has already been functioning and all post 2016 pensioners has already been migrated. In the present phase all pre-2016 pensioners are being transferred from Bank to SPARSH. You might have receive a msg like this : “Dear Customer, As per PCDA directives, your pension has been transferred from SBI/PNB/other bank to SPARSH (PCDA Pensions)”.

Now in this article you will learn how to find your SPARSH PPO Number. Just follow the steps below and you will find your SPARSH PPO Number. Once you got the SPARSH User ID and Password, you are now ready to login to the SPARSH portal and you need to verify your all details. This action should be done as soon as possible.

If you are not comfortable to use computer or mobile, you may visit the SPARSH Centre established in 36 different cities of India which will provide all kind of help and support to you with regards to login to SPARSH portal and PDV processes etc. You may click here to know about the 36 SPARSH Centre

Steps to Find out SPARSH PPO Number

Step –I : Just go to official website of SPARSH Portal of PCDA https://pcdapension.nic.in/pcda/view-sparshppo.php .  You may click on the link given below (after step-4).

Step – II : Select Option for search SPARSH PPO. Select any of these :

  (a) e-PPO No or

  (b) Regimental No/IC No or

  (c) Bank Account No

Step – III : Now put the number of (Bank A/c/ePPO/Regtl No etc) whatever you opted and put the captcha result at image verification box. Then press on submit button.  The new PPO number will appear mow on the screen.  If you find the msg – Your insert Record Not Match  then it is confirmed that your pension data has not been migrated to SPARSH.

Link of PCDA Pension Website – https://pcdapension.nic.in/pcda/view-sparshppo.php

The SPARSH Portal provides these important facilities for the defence Pensioner

  • Identification and furnishing of Life certificate through Manual Certificate based process or Aadhaar Based Digital process.
  • Management of Pensioner’s Profile
  • Disbursement related services
  • Service Requests
  • Interactive Grievance Management

How to Login SPARSH Pension System

Now here you will came to know about Login process on SPARSH. To login the SPARSH portal you may use your smart phone or computer and click on the link of SPARSH Portal given here. A user ID and Password screen will be appeared and in this interface you need to put the user ID an Password received on your registered mobile number and email ID. If you did not received the user ID and Password till date, you may approach your Record Office for updatation of your contact mobile number and email. Who have already in receipt of the user ID and Password may put your user ID and Password accordingly and put the Captcha and press login button.

After successful log in, a welcome screen will be appeared and your name will be appeared on the top right corner of the computer screen/mobile screen. You need to click on the shield button of the left and a screen will be appeared containing your provide details. then click on the PDV – Pensioner’s data verification. On successful verification of your data, you will be eligible to get access to all kind of data maintained by the SPARSH. Details of your PPO, pension payment, arrears and everything available here.

It has been circulated by the PCDA to all the Bank CPPCs that, those pensioners who are yet to be migrated to SPARSH, will receive OROP Arrears and revised pension from march 2023 onwards. Tables published by MOD and PCDA vide Circular No 666 will be implemented for the purpose of calculation of OROP Pension from 01.07.2019.

So, if your pension has not been migrated to SPARSH, you need not to be worried. You will get your OROP Revised pension and arrears as per PCDA Circular No 666. Just have paitence. PCDA is working continuously to pay the arrears before 31 March to all applicable pensioners. Everyday, thousands of Defence Pensioners are getting their arrears of OROP Pension whether they have migrated to SPARSH or still under Bank CPPC.


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