Ground Reality of ECHS Medical Services

Ground Reality of ECHS Medical Services

ECHS  is providing Health care Service for Armed Forces Veterans and their dependents since 2003.  Here we will discuss about the Ground Reality of ECHS Medical Services . Based on the feedback received from thousands of ECHS beneficiaries, it has been revealed that there is a requirement to get improve the operational  activities of the organisation.  As expressed by the veteran JCOs/OR, the very purposes of the Contributory Health care System are being defeated due to improper monitoring system of day to day activities of the polyclinics. Staffing norms of the ECHS mainly hampering to provide state of the art medical services to members.

From the Feedback of ECHS beneficiaries, the ground reality came in the light that includes my own experience are as under :

(a)   Only a few Medicines prescribed by the doctor of ECHS are generally available in their Dispensary. Reimbursement of cost of such NA medicines is a lengthy process which is beyond economical activity.

(b)   The employees of ECHS are recruited on contractual basis for a limited period  and mostly neither they do not have any prior experience of such job nor they are interested to discharge their duty properly.  ECHS has not been created just with an aim to provide rehabilitation to the Ex Army Officers and Personnel.

(c)   In many a cases it has been seen that they do not cooperate with the patients and they do not have basic knowledge of current issues and SOPs of ECHS.  Orders and operational instructions of Central Organisation ECHS, Delhi is misinterpreted by the dealing staffs.  Hundreds and thousands of such incidents are there with documentary evidence.  If Civilian candidates are recruited in permanent vacancies in all level in all ECHS polyclinic, the service naturally be improved.  Govt may start it as a pilot project in some Polyclinics located in metro cities.

(d)    The services of the ECHS has been compared with the CGHS and on various aspects of  10 points scoring system, the ECHS scored only 4 whereas CGHS scored 8 out of 10.

(e)    Officers on First Priority System is the worst thing of entire ECHS service. In CGHS System, there is no such word found in any CGHS Polyclinics. Class-I Gazetted Officers Equivalent to Maj Gen or Lt Gen and a office Peon is placed in a single Line there.

(f)  The referral system is so poor in our system. Most of the reputed Hospitals/ medical services  are empanelled with the ECHS.   Among those empanelled with ECHS, mostly denied to admit the ECHS referred patients due to a huge amount of pending bills.

                If you have suffered, must raise your voice against the odds.  Here are some important information related to ECHS which may be helpful to you.    

All dependent ECHS beneficiaries (excluding spouse), above 18 yrs of age to carryout Annual Validation as per CO ECHS letter No B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corrs dt 27 Dec 22. In case of any issue write E-mail to

For issues related to Approval of Annual Validation Cases, Kindly send email to

For resolution of ECHS related greivances kindly contact on Toll Free Number-1800 114 115

For resolution of Pension related grievances, Login at  or Kindly contact on Toll Free No: 1800 111 871

Want to write a letter or submit written complaint to ECHS Top Most authpority ? Here is the address :

 Central Organisation, ECHS Adjutant General’s Branch Integrated Hq Of Mod (Army), Thimayya Marg, Near Gopinath Circle, Delhi Cantt 110010

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