Great Relief for Defence Pensioners : Solution of SPARSH Problems with Full Service by the Dedicated Centers

Solution of SPARSH Problems with Full Service by the Dedicated Centers

Since it’s inception the veterans of Indian Armed Forces are facing a lot of problems due to non availability of proper solution on SPARSH related issues with the concerned departments/agencies. Now, Govt of India, MoD has formulated policy so that in the given way, all the problems of veterans related to SPARSH can be resolved within specified time. The details of operation instructions issued to the all SPARSH Service centre is reproduced below :


Every Centre will follow suitable queue system, preferably FIFO, for the SPARSH pensioner. The response time for services should not be more than what is indicated below whenever the turn of pensioner comes.

All the SPARSH Service Centers will be provided with a dedicated User-id and password for the staff working in it. This will be provided by the dedicated Pension Cell in the CDA Office. Anti —Virus would be installed and regularly updated by the local DAD office for security purpose, for carrying out all the online activities and data sharing.

The grievance /service request registration will be treated as complete only when token ID is generated in SPARSH application. For multiple grievances/ service request, separate token IDs will be generated in SPARSH.

The sub-category of requests on indicative basis are mentioned below : Annexure A

SI No Service CategoryFunctions of Service CentreProcess TimeResponsibility
1.Request   for information*Query for sanction
*Query for payment
*Query     for   track requests Copies   of   PPOs/
Pension slips
Centre is to provide
desired     information to    pensioner   after
authenticating pensioner/visitor.
As early as feasibleService Centre
2.Service RequestProfile Updation
Tax Option
Investment Declarations

Rebate  in   Income

Employment/Re- employment status

Update     Personal

Update     Mobile      &
Aadhaar number

Initiate        family

Report Missing

Report conviction
Centre              will process  service request     after authenticating pensioner. a Scanned copies of supporting documents to be uploaded wherever required.

Share  SPARSH Token                  ID generated             to pensioner.
Max 30 MinService Centre
3.Registration of GrievanceNon     sanction   of pension/ element

Less   payment     of

Nonpayment      of
Centre will capture grievance                 after
authenticating pensioner.

Scanned copies of supporting documents to   be
uploaded wherever required.

Share      SPARSH Token       •          ID generated             to pensioners.
Max 30 MinService Centre
4.Pensioner Data Verification (PDV)Pensioner          can verify         data    related to       pension     claims and         propose
changes to it.

For         changes
scanned copies of supporting document will also be uploaded.
Centre            will process         PDV request        after authenticating pensioner.

Scanned copies of supporting documents to be uploaded wherever required.

Share      SPARSH Token              ID generated         to pensioner.
Max 30 MinService Centre
5.Identification of PensionerIdentification      by use of biometric : SPARSH (DLO) /          Jeevan Pramaan / Jeevan Pramaan face recognizaton app Identification
through Manual life certificate.
Centre will identify the        pensioner primarily           using biometric authentication.

In case of MLC, relevant     form      will be      downloaded
from SPARSH.

The MLC form will be signed by head of Centre after authenticating   the

Capture declarations    with consent            of pensioners.

For           Jeevan Pramaan,        use `Defence- PCDA(P) Allahabad’         as sanctioning authority             and `SPARSH- PCDA(P) Allahabad’             as Disbursing Agency as well as Agency.

If       DLC    is   done through      Jeevan Pramaan,   ensure that      Aadhaar    of pensioner          is available             with SPARSH.

Share      SPARSH Token              ID generated         to pensioner.
Max 30 MinService Centre


Duties of SAO/A0/AAO/Staff/MTS in                             SPARSH Service Centres 
Head of Service Centre (SAO/A0/AAO — Gazetted Officers) :

  1. Authenticate/Authorise Manual Life Certificate.
  2. Supervise the work of task holders i.e. SAIAdr/Clerk.
  3. Liaison with respective PCsDAICsDAIPCDA (Pension) in cases of any difficulty is faced in processing the requests of the pensioners.
  4. Submission of Reports and Returns to the respective PCsDAICsDA office.
  5. Coordination of Outreach programme/activities in their area/ adjoining area especially assigned by respective PCsDA/CsDA.
  6. Ensuring upkeep of Hardware deployed in Centres.
  7. Ensuring basic amenities for staff and pensioners as listed in Annexure-D.
  8. Training of staff deployed in Service Centre.
  9. Any additional duties/responsibilities which may arise in future/assigned to them.

Task holder (SA/Auditor/Clerk) : Task holder in the Service Centre would be assigned to raise pensioners’ issues i.e.

Profile Service Request including updation of Service Particulars, Personal Information, Aadhar Seeding, PAN No. seeding, uploading of Income Tax Saving Certificates, Change of Bank Details such as Account No. or Bank Branch etc.

Grievances including non-initiation/payment of Pension, non-payment of NID arrears, non-adjustment of Corr. PROs, rectification of incorrectly migrated data, non-stoppage of Commutation Deduction after the due date etc.

Annual Identification through Digital Mode/Manual Life Certificate.

Death Reporting and Initiate Family Pension uploading of Death Certificate alongwith application and other relevant documents produced by the NOK etc.

Providing printouts of documents – the Service Centre will provide PROs, Pension Slip, Form-16, Acknowledgement Slips of Grievance etc., either in hard copies or through online mode viz email, if requested by the visitor/pensioner.

Any other duty assigned by the AAO.

Multi-Tasking Staff : MTS in the Service Centre would be assigned the following duties:

  1. Maintenance of Office Premises: The MTS will maintain the office premises
  2. Assistance to Pensioners: The pensioners visiting the office will be given appropriate assistance in availing the facilities in the Service Centre, especially old age pensioners with physical infirmities.
  3. MTS will perform all the duties as notified vide DOP&T O.M. no. AB-14017/6/2009- Estt (RR) dated 30.04.2010 and all other duties assigned by the Head of SPARSH Service Centre.


1. Name of Visitor:2.      Mobile No: 
Is Visitor a pensioner:Yes / No 
Name of Pensioner (In case above is No)  
Service Number (GPF/PRAN in case of Civilians)  
Service Required to Avail (Tick whichever is applicable) 
6A. Request for informationQuery for sanction status             
❑Query for payment status      
Query for track requests      
❑Copies of PPOs/ Pension slips
❑Check migration status        
❑Other (to be specified)           o
6B. Service RequestProfile UpdationTax OptionInvestment DeclarationsRebate in Income TaxEmployment/Re-employment statusUpdate Personal detailsUpdate Mobile numberUpdate Aadhaar numberInitiate family pensionReport MissingReport convictionOther (to be specified)
6C. Registration of GrievanceNon sanction of pension/ elementsIncorrect payment of pension
❑Nonpayment of pension       
❑Other (to be specified)          
6D. Pensioner Data Verification (PDV)Pensioner Data Verification     
6E. Identification of PensionerDigital Life Certificate            
Manual life certificate.            

Date: Signature & Name of Visitor


Infrastructure Requirement at SPARSH                                Service Centre:

Head of the Service Centre (SAO/A0/AA0) will be the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) person for every service center and details will be displayed in Centre.

A room or hall of 150-200 sq. ft. would be ideal with a shaded place acting as a waiting room. The facility should be on the ground floor.

Accessibility of the Center through bus, train, road and other transport means like auto / share auto be kept in mind.

UPS/ Fire extinguisher/ Manpower Availability – Ensure that all safety/ backup
equipment are available at Centre & all staff have identity cards.

The Centre would ensure the provision of basic amenities like wheel chair, drinking water, toilet, etc. upholding the dignity of the Defence Pensioners.

The Centre should have proper electricity connection, fans, mobile recharge points, generator back up facility, etc.

Office furniture (tables and chairs — for staff as well as pensioners), almirahs (at least two numbers), sofa set (one three seater sofa and two single seater sofas) and proper curtains.
8.     Plastic chairs for pensioners (at least 10 numbers) and a writing table may be

9.    The Service Provider will ensure availability of below mentioned hardware at the

Centre for each task holder of SPARSH

  1. One Computer (minimum i3 Processor, RAM-4GB, with basic storage
  2. Scanners- compatible to scan A-4, legal size paper in black & white or grey scale with 200/300 DPI
  3. Printer- black and white with speed up to 21 PPM
  4. Biometric / IRIS Scanner / Myntra Device (Thumb Scanner) – UIDAI approved devices
  5. Internet Connectivity with minimum 512 mpbs speed
  6. A Webcam cum speaker (for VC etc.) for a center.


  1. The Head of Service Centre will also have Admin role for his SPARSH Service Centre. He may be considered as a separate task holder for provisioning of hardware.
  2. Printer & Scanner could be used on sharing basis in case of multiple users.
  3. One PC & one Printer can be used as Pensioners’ Kiosk where the pensioners themselves can log in using the computer for various SPARSH activities and also take printouts of PPOs/ Pension Slips etc.


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