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Army hospital phone number

A large number of Armed Forces Personnel and their dependents visit R&R Hosp Delhi Cantt, Base Hosp Delhi Cantt, Comd Hosps for treatment. Visit to these establishments need prior coordination to manage the inconvenience due to changing procedures of OPD, scheduling of appointments, checking availability of specialist and navigating different departments/ wards. In order to provide assistance in these issues, a system has been instituted by detailing an individual named as “AAD Sahyogi” for each Hosp. The details are as under :-

(a) JC-857932M Nb Sub (DS) Jitendra Singh.
AAD Sahyogi at Hosp – R&R Hosp, Delhi Cantt
Mob No – 9876571323 (Call & Whatsapp)

(b) 157906579P Hav (OFC) Sharvan Prasad
AAD Sahyogi at Hosp – Base Hosp, Delhi Cantt
Mob No – 7006751524 (Call & Whatsapp)

(c) 23005016M Nk (DMT) Gohil Raghuvir
AAD Sahyogi at Hosp – Comd Hosp, Chandimandir
Mob No – 9016101259 (Call & Whatsapp)

(d) 15794926N Nk (Gnr) Kannan K
AAD Sahyogi at Hosp – Comd Hosp, Pune
Mob No – 8491953480 (Call & Whatsapp)

(e) JC-858161P Nb Sub (Gnr) Kadam Dipak Hambirarao
AAD Sahyogi at Hosp – Comd Hosp, Udhampur
Mob No – 9106541479 (Call & Whatsapp)

(f) 15799571X Nk (Gnr) Chintu Kumar Singh
AAD Sahyogi at Hosp – Comd Hosp, Kolkata
Mob No – 6207025494 (Call) & 9988761993 (Whatsapp)

The nominated persons will be available during working hours on week days to provide guidance, assistance as needed to all veterans & serving community of all ranks. Please feel free to utilise their service whenever required.

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