Good News for Pre 2016 Veterans : Court Order in Favour of Exservicemen

Finally AFT Delhi has issued notice today in OA No 3854/2023 filed to award 6200 X pay in OROP 2 to 700+ members of Voice of Ex Servicemen Society who retired before 01.01.2016. brief of the case is as under:

Case was originally filed in Supreme Court in the name of Voice of Ex Servicemen society and 25 other ESMs.

Supreme court sent us to AFT to file in representative capacity.

Accordingly, Voice filed the case in representative capacity in AFT and the case listed.

Our Adv argued and tried to convince AFT through his arguments to issue notice.

However, AFT has ordered to attach the list of Voice of Ex Servicemen Members before issuing the notice to avoid multiple OA of members of Voice of Ex Servicemen Society.

Accordingly, we attached the list of Society members including those supported and taken membership during the case filed in the supreme court.

However, the Hon’ble Tribunal showed their inability as per AFT ACT/Rules to admit case filed in the name of Organisation and suggested to amend the original OA in the name of one petitioner/affected Ex-serviceman and attach all names, may it be 200, 500 or 800.

n the process Hon’ble Tribunal raised many observations and all those were rectified to the satisfaction of the Court, and it was a time-consuming task.

After rectifying all defects we submitted an MA. However, the registry did not submit all documents before the Court and the Court ordered us to submit all documents on the next date i.e. 29 May 2024.

Today(29-5-2024), the case listed and finally notice issued to the respondents/ GOI.

The msg Conveyed by the

National Coordinator, Voice of Ex Servicemen Society


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