For Life Certificate Need not to Wait Till November : SPARSH Pensioners

Can I submit My Life Certificate Before November ?

Life Certificate is usually submitted in the Month of November every year.  But  SPARSH pensioners need not to wait for November 2023.  In SPARSH, you may submit any time of the year.  Due date to submit your Life certificate may not be November.  So, you should check your SPARSH Profile now.  In case of non submission of Life certificate, your pension payment may be paused.  So, keep continuous pension credited in your Bank by submitting Life certificate in time

SPARSH pensioners may login to your Profile using login ID and Password simply and thereafter click on the Life Certificate tab.   Once clicked the Life Certificate/Identification tab, you will find your next due date of your SPARSH Life Certificate.  

How to file Life Certificate directly on SPARSH

Submitting your Life Certificate in SPARSH is so simple.  Just login to your own SPARSH account and follow the steps below. You may use the system as mentioned above or may submit directly to the SPARSH Portal as mentioned below :- 

Dear Veterans, it is not possible to buy a device for everyone to submit a life certificate.  You have another option to submit the life certificate from home .  It is MLC using SPARSH Portal but here is also an additional thing that needs to be done, it is authentication of a paper print certificate named MLC – by any gazetted Officer.  Those who do not know you may not agree to sign it.  In such a situation , it will be better to purchase a biometric device MFS-100 mantra from an online shopping portal. 

One of my friend has also  purchased Biometric Device from Amazon last year and used it to submit Life Certificate through the SPARSH  portal which takes less than one minute for a pensioner.  At Least 50 Pensioners who are living near me have availed this option using that device and it is working fine till date. This year also at least 15 Defence pensioners have used this device to submit their identification/Life certificate through SPARSH.  You may also buy it from Amazon as link of that product is shared below :

Now you have the option to submit your Life Certificate through MLC on SPARSH or using a Biometric Fingerprint Device with an Aadhaar database.   To know the step by step process of Digital Life Certificate on SPARSH Portal you may read this article –

You may read this in hindi

Here are the steps to upload the Mannual life Certificate which can be done without any Biometric Device.  Just need to have a PC/laptop/Android Phone.

Submit Life Certificate in 5 Ways for Govt and SPARSH Pensioners

Step-1      Open the website of SPARSH in your LAPTOP or PC which must have an internet connection.  Link provided below.(URL-

Step – 2     Log into the portal account using your credentials.

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Step – 3    Click on the “Life Certificate / Identification” menu available in the left panel and right List of the page.

Step – 4    Click on “Perform Life Certificate/ Identification” . You may opt to submit a digital Life Certificate and need not to upload anything. If you have opted for the Aadhar option, you need to access the Aadhar linked mobile where you will receive the OTP thereafter the biometric scan of your fingerprint will be given.  Since you do not want to use Biometric Device, choose MLC option as  it appears on the screen.

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Step- 5 You will find 2 options in this screen “Mannual Life Certificate” and “Aadhar“. Click on Mannual Life Certificate  option. Once selected on manual Life Certificate Option, and then click on “Initiate Request” to download MLC and create Life Certificate/ Identification request.  You need not to put MLC Number here.  You will have option to download MLC here. Now get a printout of your MLC and get it signed by a Gazetted officer and fill it up as required.  Then make a scanned copy of it (pdf ) and keep in your device.

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Step -6 –   Now again login to the SPARSH Portal and  Repeat the screen as step 1 to 4 .  In the next step at step 5 – you need to put your MLC number as mentioned on the MLC printed and signed by a gazetted officer – required to be entered here and click on “initiate request”  button to submit your Life Certificate (MLC), complete the next steps by putting the requisite data and submit your life certificate.  Now it is done.

To know about Online life certificate on SPARSH Portal using Biometric Device, just follow the article below :-

SPARSH Life Certificate Process : Step by Step Guide
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