For Exserviceman – Jobs in Airport Kolkata & Other Dept


ESM are dedicated, loyal and disciplined and this quality is hired by corporate and govt organisations. UP PURBA SAINIK KALYAN NIGAM LIMITED has published job notifications as mentioned below :-

Names of 400 candidates Located in KOLKATA AREA are required to be forwarded to the Agency, for immediate selection of Security Guards for KOLKATA NSCB AIRPORT.

1) Only ESM of ZSB N24PGS Barasat to Apply at ZSB Barasat.
2) He must be a Pensioner.
3) Age Limit: upto 55yrs for both ORs and JCOs.
4) Medical Category: SHAPE-1.
5) Character: Exemplary/Very Good.
6) Civil Educational Qualification: HS/Matric.
7) ESM should have 20/30 yrs of trade/ job experience.
8) Mentally Tough.
9) Good English Communication skill.
10) Preference will be given, who are staying closer to the Airport.

11) Selection will be done on the basis of Written Test and Interview in English.
(a) Written Test:- English and Maths of 10th standard. Pass marks 60%.
(b) Interview:- Personality Test. To check communication skills, English speaking ability, ability to react on adverse situations, knowledge about airport security system.

12) Must be in well turnout.
13) Academically Strong. Good at studies.
14) Submit your Applications to the Secretary, ZSB, Barasat in person by Thursday (23/11/23). Thereafter list will be forwarded to the Security Agency.
15) Salary as per Govt labour rates.
16) Pl include following information in your single page Application:-

(a) ZSB ID Card No.
(b) Service No.
(c) Rank.
(d) Name.
(e) Service.
(f) Trade
(g) DOB and Age.
(h) Medical Category.
(i) Date of Retirement.
(j) Total Service in yrs.
(k) Civil Educational Qualification.
(l) Work Experience in Security Gard’s Job.
(m) Any Service Course done on Security.
(n) Special Qualifications.
(o) Any posting in NSG.
(p) Current Employment Status.
(q) Distance from Airport.
(r) Home Address with PIN.
(s) Mobile Number with Alternate No. & Email ID, if available.
(t) Attach self attested photo copies of ZSB ID Card (both sides), civil Education and Service Certificates.

17) For further details please visit Agency’s website:-

Written Test and Interview for the selecction will be conducted soon as reported by Secretary ZSB N24PGS Barasat.

2. JObs in Supervisor Post

01 vac of ESM for Buildings Supervisor at Salt Lake Sec-V. Applicable for JCO/HAV only.
Salary Rs18000- 20000. Duty hrs 1000h to 1900h. Interested JCO/HAV imdt report to AWPO

3. Jobs in Kolkata – Ballygunge

02 Vac of ESM for Security Guards at private residence in Ballygunge. Salary Rs 25000.
Duty hrs – 08 hrs duty, weekly off . Age upto 45 yrs.
Med cat SHAPE 1, slim figure.
Height – 5 ft 10 inches.
Residence in Kolkata.
Eligible ESM imdt report to AWPO on 21 Nov 23.

4. Jobs at Dankuni Logistic Hub

02 Vac of ESM for Logistics Hub at Dankuni.
Role : Security Duty DGR Rates
Salary Rs 27000.
Duty hrs – 08 hrs duty, weekly off .
Age upto 45 yrs.
Med cat SHAPE 1
Residence in Howrah/ Hoogly.
Eligible ESM imdt report to AWPO on 21 Nov 23.

5. Jobs at Tollygunge for Exservicemen

02 Vac of ESM for Petrol pump Management at Tollygunge. Salary Rs 20000.00 . Duty hrs 0800h to 2000h. Duty 06 days in a week. Age upto 52 yrs. Med cat also applicable. Interested ESM imdt report to AWPO. Name to be fwd first come basis.