For Ex-Servicemen Govt Initiative - New Avenues for resettlement 

For Ex-Servicemen Govt Initiative – New Avenues for resettlement

Regarding new avenues as proposed and some have been implemented as per the Ministry of Defence has submitted information in the Lok Sabha (Standing Committee Reporting 21-22) for opening of new avenues for the resettlement of Ex-Servicemen

Utilisation of Skilled Manpower for Technical Services through DGR

Provision of “Technical Service” by ESM Manpower/ Agencies Sponsored By DGR. ESM as an individual is highly loyal, disciplined, cultured, responsible and youthful. During their active service, the ESM handle complex systems of Aircraft, Ships, Submarines, Guns, Tanks, Weapons systems, Heavy Vehicles & Machineries and Complex Systems in Civil Defence.

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The skills acquired during service are enhanced and reoriented to suit the requirements of civil industries by virtue of undergoing resettlement courses at the time of retirement facilitated by DGR. A number of Government establishments / complexes outsource the requirement of skilled manpower (temporary on contractual basis) for Operations and Maintenance of technical equipment to Civilian Agencies (unregulated). A proposal has been mooted for issuance of appropriate instructions by Controlling Authorities / User Government Organisations to all the complexes functioning under them to approach DGR for sponsoring Empanelled ESM Agencies (including Empanelled State ESM Corporation) on its panel to provide ESM manpower as ‘Maintenance & Support Staff’ on contractual basis for Operations and Maintenance of technical equipment (Heavy duty Plant, Mechanical Equipments, Vehicles & Electrical machinery).

Women Centric (ESM (W) Schemes/ Initiatives

Some women centric schemes proposed by DGR. Government of India/ MoD has progressively sanctioned/ increased the quota of women (all ranks) in the three Services (Army, Navy & Air Force). On retirement, they will also enjoy the ESM status as authorised to Male Soldiers (All ranks on their Retirement). Retiring (All Ranks) Female soldiers {hereafter referred to as ESM (W)} would also be eligible to avail DGR sponsored welfare schemes. Apart from this, the Indian Army has recently started recruiting/ training women as a Soldier in the Corps of Military Police (CMP). Women officers serving in all three Services besides Lady Doctors (retiring from Service) would form the bulk of the ESM (W). There will be ESM (W) also from CMP (Corps of Military police).

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Based on their skill level, DGR proposes to consider launching Office-cum-House Keeping & Maintenance (OHK & M) Scheme for ESM(W). There is a growing demand/requirement from Corporate Houses /

Corporates and other Departments (Government & Civil) to outsource their requirement for office maintenance (including Housekeeping for the guest houses/rooms). ESM (W) officer will form an OHK&M Company/ Agency that will have a composition of Vendors, Attendants and Guards etc.

ESM (W) registered with DGR will be eligible for following jobs (on contract) through DGR for OHK&M Scheme:—
(i) Suppliers for office requirement (eg. Stationery related equipment/items)
(ii) Provision of ESM (W) Guards / Attendants.
(iii) Other logistics Requirements related Office and House Keeping.
ESM (W) will register themselves with DGR and get empanelled for jobs. Based on requisitions received by DGR– ESM (W) will be accordingly sponsored.”

Significant Achievements by MoD on Reemployment of ESM

During their oral evidence before the Committee on examination of DFG 2021-22, the MoD enumerated following significant achievements w.r.t. Ex-Servicemen Welfare:–

“MoU signed by DGR with FICCI in January 2020 and MoU signed with CII renewed in November, 2017 helps DGR to approach corporate houses to participate in DGR Job Fairs facilitating employment of ESM in private sector.

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MoU signed between MoD and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship on 13 July 2015 for initial terms of five years, renewed for another term of five years.

Notification published on 13.02.2020 for grant of ESM Status to Short Service Commissioned Officers taking premature retirement after completing their initial period of engagement

Project Punah Sthapan for Resettlement of Exservicemen

‘Project Punah Staphan’ launched in three Phases by DGR to re-design ‘Skill Development Courses’ for JCOs/OR and their equivalent to meet the evolving requirements of the Environment. Phase I of Competency Mapping of Human Resources in Armed Forces completed (Mar 2020). Phase II of Comprehensive Study on Civil sector employability and skill gap analysis under process.”

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समान MSP और Time Bound पदोन्नति के साथ उचित OROP जवानों और JCO के लिए लागू किया जाना चाहिए
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