First Time SPARSH Users : Imp Steps to Follow

First Time SPARSH Users : Imp Steps to Follow

You have received intimation from SPARSH PCDA Allahabad (Prayagraj) regarding migration (transfer) of your Pension from Bank to SPARSH.   You might have received user ID and password thereafter. Now what to do ? After a few days generally PCDA send you the User ID and Password. If password not received, may try to recover your password using forgot password option. Your Pension ID suffixed with 01 is your user ID  ( in case of Family pensioner – suffix-02, Dependent Pensioner -03)

    It has been observed that many have not received the User /Log in ID and the Password  but you have your Pension ID / SPARSH PPO Number.  So, you may find out your user ID and Password using the way mentioned here.

Forgot password option in SPARSH Portal will help you to get user ID and Password in this post. This is so easy and can be done using OTP on your registered mobile number.

In case of no-intimation what so ever, one needs to go through couple of easy steps to know the SPARSH PPO Number.  Please read this article to know your SPARSH PPO Number.

Steps to Check SPARSH Migration if No SMS Received

The SPARSH PPO number for the army veterans begins with 101 followed by the year of retirement and five figures of your PPO number. ADD 01 AT THE END – THIS WILL BE PENSIONER’S  LOG IN ID to log into SPARSH site as mentioned above. (Please note that suffix for Family pensioner will be 02 and for dependent pensioner it will be 03 in place of 01, i.e a total of 14 digits)

CLICK on LOGIN at top right of the page and proceed with log in ID and Forgot Password to generate your NEW password.  It is easier than recover your Facebook password.

Now the suggested action on receipt of Migration Intimation

*   On migration to SPARSH your pension should be coming from PCDA to your Bank you can get this indication from the SMS of credit received from the Bank.

*   You should also be getting a SMS from PCDA intimating the migration together with following details:-

Pensioner ID (Same as SPARSH PPO)
User name (Pensioner ID with suffix 01)
Password ( Please change this after LOGIN)
Advise to contact RO/STN HQ or Call 180018055325 for help

Steps to log in and activating your account  (step by step guide)

STEP – 1.  Open the Sparsh Sit – and click on the LOGIN on top right of the web page. .   Enter your user name* (14 digit) and your  *password* received from PCDA (your user name is your Sparsh PPO number suffixed by 01).

     NOTE –  In case the password is not received then click on Forgot Password option, the window that opens will ask you to key in your user Name, On doing so you will receive OTP on your registered mobile phone. Enter the OTP in the space on the web page. You will receive the initial password on your phone. Now you can log in for the next step with this password so received on your mobile.

STEP – 2    click on *I’m not a robot*   on  left side after log in.

STEP – 3.   Change this  password with your own password. ( new Password should have  Capital letter, small letter, special characters @/#/ &, Numbers) The password must have 8 to 12 characters.. Please keep the user ID / password safely written in your diary for future use. 

STEP – 4.   Next – Log out .
STEP – 5.   Again Login using. ( new password.) 
STEP – 6.   *Alert* screen shall come. Read & click *ok* .

STEP – 7.  *Acknowledgement* (Undertaking of Refund of Excess Payment) will come. Read and click *Next* .
STEP – 8.  *Acknowledgement* (Consent to use of Aadhar to avail    Pensionary benefits through SPARSH) will come. Tick  *I Agree* on left bottom   below click *Yes* & click *Next*. 

STEP – 9.  *Acknowledgement* (Consent for receiving notifications on mobile number and email ID) shall come.  Read & click *E_Sign Declaration* .
STEP – 10. *Confirmation* (You will be redirected to C-DAC website to e _Sign the declaration) will come. Read & click *Ok* . 
STEP – 11.   C-DAC screen select  Aadhar Number.

STEP – 12.   *Aadhar No* enter your Aadhaar Number without any spaces.STEP – 13.   Select Aadhar OTP .  
                Declaration Box. Touch and ensure Tick Mark.
                *GET OTP.*

STEP – 14. Here you shall get OTP 6 digit on registered  mobile number of Aadhar FROM AADHAAR WEB SITE. 
        *Enter OTP*  . 
           We are processing your request, please wait…. 

STEP – 15.   Once Processing complete *Acknowledgement* shall come.  Below that       ‘Declarations file  e_signed successfully‘ and be seen. *Submit* click .

Note – TOTP (TIME BASED ONE TIME PASSWORD) At this stage many PENSIONERS are facing problem which is basically that the Aadhaar Server may not be responding in time.     Therefore we suggest that in place of Aadhaar OTP tick mark Adhaar TOTP, The instructions on the right “how to generate TOTP may be read. Here you need to have m-aadhaar app on your mobile installed. Once installed on phone just open the App click on My Aadhaar at the bottom row and delect TOTP in the next screen it will be displayed and the timer will move in circle, Enter this TOTP in the browser , submit and its done.

STEP – 16.  *Confirmation* (Do you wish to submit Declaration?)  *Ok* click .

STEP – 17.   *Acknowledgement* (Your data has been    submitted successfully You will now be redirected to ‘Track Status’) .*Ok* click .

STEP – 18.   Next screen that appears – press ‘Refresh‘ next  will come Screen/ information.
STEP – 19.   Log out  and log in back again.  (YOU ARE DONE)

STEP – 20.   In the  Screen  touch the three *Line* Next *My Profile* click

STEP – 21    Next  *Manage Profile* click details – *Update Profile*  (Personal, Service, Family, Bank, Other, Nominee, Documents) Check and verify all details, you can correct all the errors here then press Next,  Next , details  and then click *update*.

(Note – To Amend Data : you need to  click  Mark / Symbol in the Action column. Or  left side near Details  you shall see a pencil symbol,  click and  amend /  do corrections.)
            “Now you complete Personal Data Verification (PDV) ”

STEP – 22.   Log Out . 

Must submit this Declaration on SPARSH Portal for Continuous Pension


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