Fight for abolition of Sewadari /Buddy System in Indian Army

Buddy system was introduced in very ancient Army organisation and still it is applicable in the Modern days Indian Army but the role of the “Buddy” has been converted to Domestic servant ans sometimes it best describe the slavery system of middle era.  Jawans are appointed as buddy of senior officers and they are utilized as “Free ka Naukar” , said Harendra Yadav, a Signaller who enrolled in the Army in Technical Trade and is a victim of this buddy system.

This is not a story but narration of a regular malpractice that happening since long years in Indian Army. Having power in the right hand means that to be misused by the left hand. And finally Indian Army has proved it through the thousands and lakhs of evidences, said Harendra. As we know that the Soldiers are trained in the warfare and physical activities so that they can be best utilised during the war time. But the reality is different from the prevailing truth.

Signalman Harendra Yadav, who have expressed an incident of his life which proves that, in this 21st century still we are not educated enough to pay respect to the humanities. “Soldiers are enrolled in the Indian Army to perform the versatile nature of duties which must not included to wash inner cloth of the Officers wives”, says Sigmn Harendra.

He is presently posted in a Signal Unit as he expressed in an interview with Khabar Duniya Youtube Channel. Link of the video is as under :

Sigmn Harendra Yadav belongs to Technical category of  Combat Telecom Department (Signals) and his trade is TTC which is equivalent to Diploma Engineer in Electronics and Communications. During his upgradation training at Technical Training Regiment, not only he but the entire trainees were ill-treated but Harendra was the one and only person who protested against misuse of manpower in the name of training.

The trainees are very often deployed to perform the duties at the Officers’ quarters in lieu of domestic servant, said Harendra, which includes, washing cloth of the family members of officers, polishing shoes, take care of pets and other daily household work like, cleaning, garbage disposal etc. this works are documentarily not shown in the attendance sheet of training and without participating the classes, they are upgraded to the higher categories which is totally a malpractice undergoing within the Indian Army, said Harendra.

Harendra was beaten by the group of officers of 4 TTR as he protested all these malpractices, he expressed in the video. Not only this, some irregularities in audit of the stores and accounts by the audit authority at 4 TTR found, which included offering bribe to the auditors for a sum of Rs 2-3 lakhs to settle down the matter, said Harendra. Due to his protest against all these malpractice and unathorised use of Govt property and manpower by the powerful part of the Indian Army, Harendra was harassed physically and mentally by them.

In this 21st century, the above narrated incident can’t be accepted by the so called civilised society. Jawans should be respected and no misuse of manpower in the name of ornamental word Buddy system, Free domestic servant not to be chosen – Prayed Harendra before the all higher authorities of the country including the Defence Minister and the President of India.

Author of this article respects the systems of Indian Army and has no intention to defame the glorious organization.  However, the unsolicited activities of some officers as reported by the victims like Harendra Yadav and thousands of Jawans, if proved to be true, the responsible officers/ managing authorities of the Army units/ Training establishment who are involved in misuse of resources and enjoys undue advantage of  British Fuderal Structure of Armed Forces, must aware of the human rights  and constitutional provisions of the Union which are also applicable to them also.

The country is waiting to see that one day, this malpractice of Sahayak/Helper/Buddy system will be abolished from the Indian Army. If the officers are required such manpower, a defferent cadre may be created who will perform the domestic servant duties at officer’s quarter/Mess.

At the conclusion, we may keep hope that the slavery system within the Indian Army will be ended soon with the voice of Lakhs of victims like Harendra Yadav against the corupted Officers. We do not have any grievances against the Indian Army but we will stand with the Jawans of this nation to save the nation and humanities from the corrupted people within the organisation.


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