Exservicemen will now be given due respect in the society – Action by Govt

ESM are Asset of the Society

Discussions held in the 31st  meeting of Kendriya Sainik Board  on various issues.  Among them, one of the most important points is to ensure post retirement benefits and resettlement in civil society with due respect.  Here are some points.

An ESM cherishes the honour and respect earned in the society. Towards this it was proposed to institute measures which would instill pride amongst the ESM Community. This will also encourage them to come forward during contingencies as ESM possess certain skills and positive attitude which is an asset and should be harnessed by State Govts. Besides this, an ESM primarily looks at timely resolution of local administrative issues. Measures already in vogue in certain States were brought to notice by members from States. The following points were brought out by various dignitaries:-


Action taken by Govt to Ensure Respect to the Veterans

Mr Suresh Khanna. Minister In-charge said that Uttar Pradesh Government is committed towards the Welfare and resettlement of our Veterans and Veer Narees. We have instituted several measures in this area like:-

(a) 5% reservation in Gp B, C and D posts, 8% reservation in Govt Ration Shops and No stamp duty for purchase of land upto Rs. 20 Lakh and Rebate in House Tax,

(b) The state Govt has provided financial assistance of Rs. 13 lakh (Rs 1.5 lakh per veteran) for the 9 disabled Veterans of the State in PRC. Last year the Hon’ble Governor also donated Rs. 10 lakh each to both these centres.

(ac) The State has instituted a concept of ‘Sainik Bandhu‘ wherein a nodal officer for Veterans has been nominated in each district. Monthly meeting is organized to address all the concerns of ESM by the District Officials including Police and Revenue Officials

Chief of the Army Staff proposed  that  Measures like visible symbols such as Veterans badge or vehicle stickers may be incorporated for enhancing pride amongst ESM Community.

Chief of Defence .Staff  (CDS) proposed that Instituting non-Financial measures/ incentives are necessary to ensure that future generations look forward to taking up the profession of Arms. On the occasion of Veterans Day (14th Jan) and other prominent days Armed Forces Veterans and Serving Officers may be made of part of the celebration in various Schools so that the younger generation may be motivated to join Armed Forces and become a good soldier or citizen,

(iv) Lt. Gen (Dr) DP Vats (Retd) proposed that  All States may institute a concept wherein Public representatives and Civil Administration visits and interacts with the Veer Naris and family of the fallen soldiers. A brief ceremony may also be organized in various Memorials to pay tribute to our heroes. States of Punjab. Haryana, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are already putting this into practise, wherein the MP/MLA or DC pay tribute to the fallen soldiers,

Decisions taken in the Meeting .    

Innovative measures are required to ensure that ESM are given due respect in the society. State and UT Govts should accordingly issue orders to formalise innovative non-financial incentives/ measures to enhance pride amongst ESM. Some of the suggested measures are: –

(i)  Facilitate interaction with local administration officials through

nomination of a nodal officer in the district.

(ii) Regular meetings at district level with Govt representatives especially of land, revenue and law and order departments to resolve issues of EM,

(iii)         Outreach programmes could be conducted through video conferencing for veterans in remote areas,

(iv)         Felicitation of Gallantry Award winners during important national events

(v)          Naming of Roads, buildings, etc on gallantry award winners.

(vi)         Sensitisation of all Govt staff to dea! respectfully towards veterans and their families.

(vii)       Support the setting up of a `Smarakri War memorial for service personnel killed in action,(viii)      The best practices being followed by certain States should be shared with other States/Ik to enable other States to also emulate the same.