Exservicemen Must Know SPARSH Migration Process from Bank 

Exservicemen Must Know SPARSH Migration Process from Bank 

Step-1: Sparsh will give order to transfer your account from the bank. Bank will transfer al documents of your pension account to SPARSH system.

Step-2: Bank will inform you by giving SMS on your registered Mobile Number, that your account has been transferred to SPARSH.

Step-3: SPARSH system will make new PPO, after making your new SPARSH pension account. SPARSH PPO will be of 14 digits.

Step-4: Your new PPO  number, Log in ID and Password will be sent in your registered mobile number and EMAIL ID.

SPARSH website name will also be provided to log in via there website. It might take 2 weeks to 2 months time to get these messages. 

Step-5: If you don’t get Log In ID and Password message, then call up SPARSH HELPLINE and ask for it.  SPARSH Helpline Number:- 18001805325

Step-6: If you don’t get Log ID And Password by calling helpline, then make your own LOG IN ID:-
Your LOG IN ID will be:-
Just put /suffix 01 immediately after your present 12 digits PPO number to form your SPARSH LOG IN ID.  

Present PPO number:- 123456789123

Your SPARSH LOG IN ID will be:- 12345678912301  (in case of Family pensioner the last two digit will be 02)

Step-7: Now go to Sparsh website and log in with your new LOG IN ID.

URL of Sparsh Website:- http://sparsh.defencepension.gov.in

As you have not received Password from SPARSH System, go to the option of Forgot Password and follow the instructions to get Password:-

Step-8: Now log into the SPARSH website with your new Login ID and Password and see your SPARSH PPO and check when you have to submit the life certificate next time. 

Step-9: If submission of your life certificate is due, then submit it through SPARSH website, by digital  manual modes. You can also submit life certificate via Jeevan Praman website.

Please DO NOT panic if your pension account is still not transferred into Sparsh System or not received user ID and Password. You can’t transfer it on your own. 

Ask your bank whether the pension is transferred to Sparsh.

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