Exservicemen may Now Claim ECHS NA Medicine with More Flexible Manner

Exservicemen may Now Claim ECHS NA Medicine with More Flexible Manner

ECHS has started online claim for purchase of NA medicine and other medical equipments. It can be placed either online or offline mode and it can be done on your mobile phone. in this regard please follow the related instructions mentioned in the official website of ECHS.

Tele: 011-25683476 Mil : 36833 B/49778/AG/ECHS/Claims/AdvisoryREGD BY SOS/POST
Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant Generals Branch
Integrated HO of MoD(Army) Thimayyo Marg. Near Gopinath Circle New Delhi- 110 010

02  Jan 2024

Surabht Arcade
1″ Floor, 5-1-664, 665 and 669
Bank Street,


Refer Central Org, ECHS letter No B/49761/AG/ECHS/2022 dated 01 Apr 2022, letter No 13/49762/AG/ECHS/2023 dated 26 Jul 2023 and current Issue of submitting three / four NA Medicine bills under one claim ID by beneficiaries.

You are requested to accept three / four NA Medicine Bills for Individual Reimbursement of beneficiaries under one Claim ID in one month. The total monthly cap of all NA medicine bills will not exceed Rs 25,000/- at a time (General Conditions) under one claim ID as per policy in vogue. However, one claim ID shall be for the medicines purchased for the same month only. One contingent bill may have multiple bills but the total amount should not exceed Rs 25,0001- (Rupees twenty five thousand only)

Fresh time lines for submission of Individual NA Medicine Bills for reimbursement are revised as under:-

Ser NoActivityProcedure
(a)Submission of Hard Copy or Online claim for medicine reimbursementWithin 60 days of date of Medicine bills
Wef 81 days to 180 days – waiver to be given by Dir RC.
Beyond 180 days waiver to be given by CO ECHS.
(Rajesh Batlish)
Surg Capt
Offg Dir (Med)
Copy to :- All Regional Centres   –    Dir RC is requested to disseminate this policy to all stakeholders under his AOR.
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