nomination for pension

Many ESM and Widows are having SINGLE PENSION ACCOUNTs in Banks as their Wives or Husbands have expired or Divorced or he/she is single Family Pensioner, such as Widow/Divorcee/Unmarried daughter’s or Disabled child. 

All such Single Pension Account holders are requested to fill up a FORM-A and submit in your PENSION BANK to Nominate someone as your LTA NOMINEE (Life Time Arrears). 

FORM-A, Nomuination form is available here –

The LTA NOMINEE will be able to withdraw the remaining amount left in your Pension Account, after your death. Otherwise, claiming process by Legal Heir is complicated and time consuming. 

For all other Pensioners who are living with spouse (wife/husband) and drawing pension in single account now, must make their pension account as joint either/or survivor mode.  It will help to start family pension on expiry of the pensioner.

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