Exserviceman Pension Nomination Confirm Online – Must Check and Do it Now

Destiny can not be denied in terms of leaving this world. So everyone, during live, must plan to nominate appropriate persons to claim for your all property including Pension. Dte of Indian Army Veterans has issued an advisory in this regard.

We have our pension coming to the Bank account through the Pension Disbursing Agency DPDO/CPPC, now through SPARSH. It is important to declare nominee for the bank account and for claiming Life Time Arrears ( LTA).

JOINT A/C FOR PENSION: The pensioners must open a joint pension a/c with their Spouse. On demise, the balance in the joint a/c will pass on to the survivor, ie the Spouse, being the secondary account holder. The Family pension will also commence in this account w/o opening another a/c.

NOMINATION IN THE BANK A/C: The nominee assumes importance in case of a single
pensioner/account holder. The declared Nominee will be authorised to withdraw the balance amount from this a/c.

The nomination for LTA is essential so that after the death of the pensioner, all dues to the pensioner are paid to the Nominee.

The pensioner is required to submit “FORM A” to PCDA (P), Pension Disbursement Authority (DPDO/CPPC of the Bank), Bank Branch and retain one copy.

Format for “FORM A” is given as per the link below:

NOTE : Once migrated to SPARSH, the provision for LTA nomination exists in the Portal, which can be updated after login.

SPARSH Pensioner login to the portal and click on Profile tab. In your profile section you can update your personal details, family details and must the Nomination details at your own. You need not to visit any ZSB/RSB or any authority in person.


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