Ex-servicemen Get Ready to Apply for PMSS  Scholarship 2023

Service conditions of Armed Forces personnel are extremely tough, rigorous and challenging. The Armed Forces personnel, particularly of the lower ranks retire at very young age with limited pension and they are saddled with pending domestic responsibilities. They generally come from very modest/ poor background. It would be difficult for them to finance higher education especially, technical/ professional studies of  their children. Furthermore, due to escalation in counter insurgency operations, the casualties every year has increased manifolds. This is leading to a situation wherein lot of widows and children are left behind in dire need of moral and financial support.

As such, welfare of ESM and their wards has been included as a Key Result Area by the Hon’ble Prime Minister. To commemorate the service of defence personnel to the nation, Prime Minister’s  Scholarship Scheme (PMSS) was introduced from the Academic year 2006-07, with the sole aim to encourage the dependent wards of Ex-Servicemen/ Ex-Coast Guard personnel and their widows to take up higher technical and professional education.  Kendriya  Sainik  Board being the apex body of the Government of India which looks after rehabilitation and welfare of  ESM and their dependents, was made the nodal agency to implement the scheme under the aegis of Ministry of Defence (Department of Ex- servicemen Welfare). The scheme is funded out of National Defence Fund administered by Prime Minister’s Office.

Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme introduced to provide scholarship for professional/ technical courses to the dependent wards of Ex-servicemen/ Ex Coast Guard personnel and their widows, below officer rank only (for officers, only category one to five included).

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Number of Scholarship Available

 From academic year 2006-07 to 2014-15 a total of 4000 annual scholarships were granted under the scheme. From academic year 2015-16,the number of scholarships have been increased to 5500 annually in equal proportion for boys and girls (i.e. 2750 each).

Financial Benefit to Effected Pensioners : Notional Incremented Granted by Supreme Court

Amount of Scholarship  for Boys and Girls  

Initial annual amount of PrimeMinister’s  Scholarship was Rs 15,000/- for boys and Rs 18,000/- for girls. With effect from AcademicYear 2012-13, the rate of scholarship was revised to Rs 24,000/- per year for boys and Rs27,000/- per year for girls. With effect from Academic Year 2019-20, the rate of scholarship has been increased to Rs 30,000/- for boys and Rs 36,000/- for girls per year.

Beneficiaries’ Details/ Amount Paid in Previous 05 Fin Years. The details of 85 payments made are as follows:- Ser  No Financial Year Total No of beneficiaries Total Amount Male Female ..

How to apply  for PMSS Scholarship

Eligibility Conditions for PMSS Scholarship

The eligibility conditions for the scholarship are as follows:-

(a)   Students who have taken admission in 1st Academic year of Course(1st year)are only eligible to apply for PMSS. The same is to be applied online on KSB web portal www.ksb.gov.in

(b)   Students studying in 2nd and subsequent years are not eligible except in case of  integrated/ lateral entry courses.

(c)   Students who are dependent Wards/Widows of Ex Servicemen & Ex-Coast Guard personnel who died in harness/disabled due to causes attributable to military service/ coast guard service, irrespective of the rank. (d) Dependent wards of Ex Servicemen/Ex-Coast Guard personnel and their widows (below officer rank only except for category one to five).  

(e)   Wards of Civilians including Para Military Personnel are NOT ELIGIBLE.

(f)    Candidate must have minimum 60% marks in MEQ (minimum educational qualification) to apply for PM Scholarship Scheme. MEQ for entry to various Professional Courses differs e.g. for MBBS it is 10+2, for BE/ B-Tech it is 10+2/Diploma, whereas, for  B.Ed. and MBA, it is graduation.

(g)    Duration of the course is from one to five years, as approved by the concerned Regulatory Body. Scholarship is paid for the course duration only.

(h)   Scholarship is stopped in case of failure or re-appearance in any subject during the course.

(j)     Professional Degree Courses viz. B.Tech, BBA, BCA, B. Pharma, BDS, MBBS,MCA, MBA etc. duly recognized by the respective Government Regulatory Bodies, 86 such as All India Council for Technical Education, Medical Council of India, UGC are covered. (Auth : PMO ID No 83(2)/2012-PMF (Vol. II) dated 14 Sep 2015).

(k)     Master Degree Courses are not eligible for PMSS except MBA and MCA.

(l)      Students studying abroad are not eligible for this scheme.

(m)    Academic courses like B.Sc., M.Sc., BA, MA, B.Com, M.Com and their various streams/sub streams are also not covered under this scheme.

(n)    Distance learning / Diploma courses are not eligible for this scholarship. (p) The candidate should have/ open a bank account in any Nationalized Bank(preferably be in SBI/PNB), which has “Electronic Clearance System”/ Core Banking and should be linked to student’s Aadhaar number to facilitate transfer of the scholarship amount.

(q)   The scholarship is admissible for only two children of an individual.

(r)    Candidature of a student shall stand automatically rejected if, at any stage, it is discovered that he/she has secured scholarship fraudulently by making false statement or misrepresentation of facts. The disbursed scholarship in such cases will be recovered.

(s)    PM scholarship is eligible to the dependent wards of ESM i.e. male ward upto 25 years of age at the time of admission in the said course and female ward till she gets married. There is no age limit for widow candidate.

(t)     Change of course by the selected student and getting fresh admission in subsequent academic year will lead to rejection of his/her scholarship forever.

(u)    Priority for Grant of Scholarship. Order of preference for selection of candidates will be as follows: –

Category 1 Wards/ Widows of Defence/ Coast Guard personnel killed in action.

Category 2 Wards of ESM/ Ex Coast Guard personnel disabled in action and boarded out of service with disability attributable to Military/Coast Guard service.

Category 3 Wards/ Widows of Defence/ Ex Coast Guard personnel who died while in service for causes attributable to Military/ Coast Guard Service.

Category 4 Wards of ESM/ Ex Coast Guard personnel disabled in service with disability attributable to Military/ Coast Guard Service.

Category 5 Wards/Widows of ESM/ Ex Coast Guard personnel in receipt of gallantry awards.

Category 6 Wards/Widows of ESM/ Ex Coast Guard personnel (PBOR only).

Restriction Imposed in OROP Benefit  to Soldiers :  Lets Check the Revised Rules

Application Form  for PMSS  2023

The application form is required to be filled ONLINE. The form is available on KSB Web portal. Scanned image of the following original documents must be uploaded on the system. The size of the image in terms of MB has been mentioned online:-

(a)     Ex-Servicemen/ Ex-Coast Guard Certificate as placed in Appendix‘J’ (ORIGINAL TO BE SELF ATTESTED, SCANNED AND UPLOADED).

 (b)     Bonafide Certificate duly filled up correctly and signed by Vice Chancellor/Principal/Vice Principal/Dean/Associate Dean/Registrar/Dy Registrar/Director/Dy Director of the Institute/ College as per Annexure-2 (ORIGINAL TOBESELFATTESTED, SCANNED AND UPLOADED).

(c)     Certificate from bank manager stating that Aadhaar Card of student islinkedwith his/ her bank account number as per Annexure-3 (ORIGINAL TOBESELFATTESTED, SCANNED AND UPLOADED).

 (d)     Matriculation Certificate for verifying the Date of Birth of the student (ORIGINALTO BE SELF ATTESTED, SCANNED AND UPLOADED).

 (e)    Minimum Educational Qualification (MEQ) certificate as applicable. (10+2/Graduation mark sheets of 3years)/Diploma (mark sheets of all semesters). (ORIGINALTO BE SELF ATTESTED, SCANNED AND UPLOADED).

(f)     1st page of Bank Pass Book (Preferably SBI/ PNB) OR cancelled cheque clearly visible and showing name and A/c Number of Student. (ORIGINALTOBESELF ATTESTED, SCANNED AND UPLOADED).

(g)     The following supporting documents in case of Category 1 to 5 (ORIGINALTOBE SCANNED AND UPLOADED):-

(i) Category 1 Part II Order in case of Army, Genform in
(ii) Category 2 case of Navy and POR in case of Air Force
(iii) Category 3 (iv) Category 4
(v) Category 5 Award Certificate Along with Gazette Notification
(vi) Category 6 PPO or ESM Identity Card 88

Channel of Application. The application is required to be submitted online by eligible wards of ESM/widow for current academic year by 15 Nov. On successful registration for PMSS, the individual will be given a system generated application number, which he/she should note down for future reference. On successful uploading of all the documents, the application needs to be saved and submitted online. Applications which are found correct by the respective ZSBs are to be recommended and forwarded to respective RSBs.

The RSBs will scrutinize and forward all recommended applications to KSB for final processing. Renewal of PMSS 9. Subsequent Scholarship (Renewal). All renewal applications will be submitted online directly to KSB for 2nd and subsequent scholarships. The renewal application has to be applied online within one year of declaration of results of the particular academic year. The student should score 50% and above in his/ her examination to apply for renewal of PMSS. Student must clear all subject in first attempt without fail. Re-appeared/ failed cases will not be eligible for renewal of scholarship. However, if student has passed in revaluation without re-appearing for the subject, he/ she will be eligible for the renewal of scholarship.

Date of application for PMSS 2023

Eligible ESM may apply online through ksb  portal after publication of notification.  Last date is usually 15 Nov of the year.  For the current year , notification will be released soon.

Know more about the financial benefits and welfare schemes of KSB here.


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