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At the time of retirement all ex-servicemen is given an AGI policy certificate which provides the Life Insurance coverage  for them which is to be granted to the family members of the deceased ESM. In case of death of an Ex-servicemen, firstly intimate the death occurrence to the concerned Records office.  Before sending AGI claims, widow must intimate death of ESM to his record office in writing.

How to Claim Army Extended Group Insurance from AGI

STEP-1: Check Validity period of Insurance Certificate. If death of ESM occurred within the validity period, then widow should send insurance claim to AGI office through ZSB.

STEP-2: Send following Documents to AGI:-

1) Personal Application. Hand written or typed in 3 copies. Addressed to AGI and Signed by the widow. Send to AGI after recommendation by ZSB.

2) Original Extended AGI Certificate. Must be filled and signed by the Widow.

Note-1: In case Widow can’t sign on the certificate and puts her Left Hand Thumb Impression (LTI), then same must be done in front of a Gazetted Officer or Secretary ZSB and authenticated by him. 

Note-2: Widow must write her mobile number below her signature on the AGI Certificate.

Note-3: If AGI original certificate is lost then:-

(a)     If a PHOTOCOPY of original AGI certificate is AVAILABLE then fill up the photocopy of certificate, widow should sign and send it to AGI like an original.

(b) If a photocopy of original AGI certificate is NOT AVAILABLE, then mention in your application that, Original Extended AGI Certificate is lost and if found later, it will be submitted to AGI Office.

3) Death Certificate of ESM. It must be attested by Secretary ZSB. If the Death Certificate has QR code, then it doesn’t require any attestation.

Note: In case of unnatural death, an attested copy of FIR and Post-mortem Reports are to be attached.

4) Bank Passbook. First page of Bank account passbook, in which Widow’s Name, Account number and IFS Code are clearly written. If not, attach an original Cancelled Cheque of the Widow’s account.

5) Photocopy of Aadhaar Card of Widow. Self attested.

6) Photocopy of PAN Card of Widow. Self attested.

STEP-3: Send all above-mentioned documents to Army Group Insurance (AGI) Office on following address:-

AGI BHAWAN, Vasant Vihar
Rao Tula Ram Marg,
Post Bag No. 14
New Delhi-110057
(Through ZSB)

Insurance amount will be directly Credited to the Widow’s/NoK’s account by AGI. In case of any query, AGI staff will contact Widow on phone.

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