For Army Navy Air Force : Equal rights in CSD Canteen for all Ranks

Rank Bias and disatisfaction in Indian Armed Forces

Indian Armed forces is a composition of two different kind of manpower i.e Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks including JCOs.  As per opinion of the ‘fauji’ society, Commissioned officers are a Super human group in the Armed Forces. Govt rules says that, to establish effective command and control such isolation is required. Officers enjoys power of superiority by originating.

Once a cadet get commission in Officers cadre, he is entitled to get a VIP treatment in the Regiment/unit as it has been expressed by various Ex-servicemen organized led by JCOs/OR.  Every where in the Armed Forces there are disparity in terms of facilities, top priority always privileged to officers cadre, it may be in service Hospitals, ECHS, CSD or in any of the welfare organization of Armed Forces. 

Hell and heaven diference between Civil and Military organization

Recently I visited a CGHS clinic in central Calcutta for an administrative purpose and I didn’t found any separate queue for Gazetted officers.  Clerks, Peons, Directors, Joint Secretaries all are in a single line. No separate prioritized Queue exist in that system. After retirement, if Ex-servicemen expect such treatment, it may not be illogical.  

Court case filed by Voice of Ex-serviceman Society in Delhi High Court on Rank bias in CSD

According to a recent Court case filed at Delhi High Court, they mentioned the report of the audit authority, 97% profit of CSD comes from the JCOs/OR community. If we have a look towards the entitlement of purchase of commodities in CSD, the officers are always 1000 KM ahead of the another group of Indian Armed Forces personnel. As per existing Rules, an officer may buy a number of cars during his service and after retirement. Whereas JCOs/OR may purchase one car during service and  another one only after retirement.

Not only this, there are separate prioritized billing counter for officers. It may be seen very often that the old aged Havildarji standing for hours in the Billing counter Queue at CSD. No consideration, no priority. To remove this disparity, the Court case filed at Delhi High Court by the renowned Voice of Ex-servicemen Society in the year 2018  and till date the listing for hearing placed for 15 times. The 16th listing for hearing has been scheduled for 20 Dec 2021. Let’s hope for the best to get the equality as mentioned in the Article 14 of Constitution of India. 

Need to change the British Federal Mentality of Armed Forces Officers

The anticipated victory will open the door of possibilities to remove the burocratic anomalies exist in Indian Armed Forces since the British Rule in India.  Whatever may be the anticipated decision of the court, finally it should be considered in view of humanitarian grounds by the so called highly educated Defence forces officers and get rid of British Federal mentality which in turn may establish peace and harmony in the soldiers community.

Rank Bias in ECHS continues even after verdict of Delhi High Court

This is a real story that happened with one of my colleague Air Force veteran retired in Sgt rank.  It may be come to your notice that earlier Delhi High court had removed the rank bias in ECHS.  As per the court order, no separate counters should be there for Officers.  The news cited the verdict of the High Court was accordingly published in a News Paper. The AF veteran kept a snapshot of the paper in his mobile phone.

Once he visited the ECHS polyclinic and after getting the doctors consultation he found that only one person is in the Queue at the counter marked OFFICERS in the dispensary and another counter marked JCOs/OR is crowded with at least 20 beneficiaries. He preferred the first counter marked for officers. On his turn,  after producing the prescription, the AMC veteran pharmacist refused to issue medicine from his counter and directed him to join the line of JCOs/OR, that one was for officers only. 

He gently shown him the news articled kept in his mobile phone regarding removal of rank bias in ECHS by the Delhi High Court. The pharmacist rudely directed him that “ Keep this news in your pocket. We can’t do anything with such news. If you want medicine then you should collect it from the counter dedicated for JCOs/OR only. We don’t care any High Court Order.”

So friends this is the mentality within the veterans organization. Then, you can imagine about the behaviour in units. Court can deliver the order but the implementing agency is the officers community of Armed forces. No one can forced them except they themselves.  I think till date the rank bias is there in ECHS inspite of having verdict of High Court of Delhi.

Why Premature retirement rate is too high in Army Jawans ?

After implementation of 6th CPC salary structure of ORs has been substantially improved. Inspite of that 80% of the soldiers are unwilling to continue with their present service. Whereas it has been seen that only 1% officers seek premature retirement and that too in most of the cases, due to better career opportunities in the corporate world.

To keep the motivation high in soldiers, Govt authority should think about the administrative and behavioral reforms in Indian Armed Forces. Motivated soldiers only can ensure a safe and strong nation.

Watch this video on reccent changes likely to be ocured in CSD.


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