Equal MSP – Real OROP – Timebound Promotion for Jawans JCOs: Agitation Continued

Movement for legitimate rights of various communities in India is not a new thing. Earlier we have seen that the mass movement and agitation for reservation taken place in various states. The movement for Fight for Rights of Veteran Soldiers are not a movement in this nature. The veterans are in the roads of Delhi, Jantar Mantar to show agitation for ill-treatment with them in terms of implementation of appropriate forms of One Rank One Pension Scjheme and payment of long outstanding arrears thereof.

The movement of Army navy and Air Veteran JCOs and Other Ranks is continued since Feb 2023. Earlier on 12 March, last year thousands of veteran JCOs OR from all over India united at Jantar mantar and protested against the all anomalies ralated to Pay and Pension of Jawans. The protest and agitation continued untill their demand fulfilled by the Govt.

It has been revealed from their feedback that the total amount allotted for payment of arrears of OROP revision of pension has been distributed 90% among the Retired Commissioned Officer who forms only 3% strength of retired soldiers. Whereas the majority community, i.e Retired JCOs OR got only 10% of that amount who formed 97% of the total strength of Indian Armed Forces.

In order to remove various discrimination, the veterans demanded some legitimate reforms in Indian Armed Forces and Govt should considered it to remove disparity between the Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks. Some major issues are as under :

Time Bound Promotion : Introduction of Time Bound Promotion after completion of 3Years service – NK, After Completion of 6 Years service- Hav, After Completion of 13 Years of Service – Nb Sub and After Completion of 18 Years of Service – Sub, by selection – after 22 Yrs of service – Sub Maj, Hony Lt /Capt for all JCOs who have completed 30 Yrs of service.

OROP as per Real term : OROP means one rank one pension. This concept is possible if in a given period all pensioners (similarly situated) are getting same amount of pension. It is possible , if the amount of pension is fixed at the maximum amount that is drawing by the higest paid pensioners . For Example Person A with Hav 24 yrs Service retired in 2017 drawing Rs 22,000/- pm. Hav B with 24 Yrs of service retired in 2018 is drawing pension Rs 22500/- pm. Hav C with 24 Years of service, retired in 2019 Drawing pension of Rs 23,000/-.

If the pension of all three persons is fixed as on 01.01.2021 at the maximum rate i.e Rs 23,000/- pm , it will be treated as one rank one pension. Whereas in the present policy pension of the all three Hav has been fixed as per average of pension drawing by all the three persons i.e (Rs 22,000/- + Rs 22,500/- pm + Rs 23,000/- ) divided by 3 and it results to Rs 22,500As per OROP present table, /-. Pension drawing by Hav C i.e Rs 23,000/- will be proteccted. Hav A and B will draw their pension @ Rs 22,500/- pm. In this case , hav C is getting Rs 500/- more than Hav A and B, so it can not be termed as OROP.

In Case of Officers, the formulae is different. For JCOs /OR only the formulae is as above. So, it is proved that there is a clear picture of discrimination. The veerans emanded removal of such disparity and enforce the real OROP for all ranks in Inian Armed Forces Veterans.

Military Service Pay – MSP is allowed to Commissioned Officers and JCOs/OR for the nature o service which is different from Civil service. Risk of life at every stages in their duty enables them to get the MSP. So, this pay should be equla to all rankks, demanded the veterans. Whereas the MSP for Offrs is 15,500/- and for JCOs /OR is Rs 5200/-. A strong protest in Court is also going on in Delhi High Court.

On 30 April 2023, a drive was initiated to submit representation on anomalies related to all the issues of Exservicemen JCOs/OR to the MPs all over India and it got success.


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