The Indian Army provides dress allowances to its soldiers and officers to meet the expenses associated with maintaining their uniforms. The dress allowances vary based on rank and are provided to cover the cost of acquiring, maintaining, and replacing the prescribed uniforms.   

Dress allowance for Officers and JCOs/OR : Officers in the Indian Army receive a monthly dress allowance to meet the expenses of their uniforms. The allowance is based on the rank and is designed to cover the cost of their various uniforms, including ceremonial uniforms, service uniforms, combat uniforms , PT dress , mess dress, and other prescribed attire.

The specific amount of the dress allowance for soldiers and officers can vary based on factors such as rank, unit, and the latest government regulations. It is essential to note that the dress allowance is intended to assist personnel in maintaining their uniforms and meeting the associated expenses, ensuring that they have the appropriate attire for their duties and responsibilities.  Recently MoD has revised some methodology of calculating dress allowance in a year.  The Extract of the letter is here :

In continuation of this Ministry’s letter no. 1(4)/2019-D(Pay/Services) dated 01.09.2022 on the above subject, the Govt has decided that the rate of Dress allowance in respect of Armed Forces personnel joining service after 1st July of a year, shall be as follows:

(a) Rate of Dress allowance:

S NoCategoryRate per annum 
2.MNS Officers15,000/- 
3.JCOs /OR10,000/- 


(b) The amount of Dress Allowance shall be credited to Armed Forces personnel’s account directly in the month of July. The disbursement of the payment of Dress Allowance has been explained below with an example:

For Officers/ MNS Officers commissioned or JCOs/OR reporting to unit post training during the month of December, 2023

Officer/JCOs & OR Proportionate Payment from December, 2023 to June, 2024 (i.e. for 7 months)

1.      Officers   ₹20,000/-   divided by 12  * 7 = ₹11,667/-
2.     MNS Officers ₹15,000/- divided by 12  * 7 = ₹8,750/-
3      JCOs/ OR ₹10,000/- divided by 12 * 7 = ₹5,834/-
4      Payment from July 2024 onwards every year

As per the normal rules for Dress Allowance for Defence personnel. * Formula for proportionate payment of Dress Allowance is:-

 (Amount/12) x No. of months (Date of commission in case of Officer/MNS Officers Or from date of reporting to Units in case of JCOs/OR till month of June of the following year)

2. These orders shall be effective from date of issue of this letter. 3. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Division of this Ministry vide their 1.D. No. 110/ AG/ PD/ 2023 dated 22/05/2023 of RF No. 2(7)/2017-AG/PD.

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