Equal Disability Pension for Officers and Jawans : Defence Ministry Commented

Disability Pension is a kind of compensation awarded to Military personnel after retirement on the basis of  severity of disability.  In Indian Armed Forces, the personnel and officers are deployed to perform versatile nature of  duties. Recently Govt has revised the ER and GMO vide E & GMO 2023. In case of PBOR they are put on more stress and strain of daily duies i.e each and everything of an unit from loading and unloading of vehicles to digging bunker everything.

If the Medical Board establishes that the disability is attributable/ aggravated by military service, the individual is entitled to a disability pension. The amount of the disability pension depends on various factors, including the extent of the disability and the rank and length of service of the individual.

In India, disability pensions for military personnel are governed primarily by the Army Pension Regulations Part I 2008,   Naval (Pension ) Regulations 1964 and Air Force Pension Regulation 1961, which outline the rules and procedures for the grant of pensions to members of the armed forces, including those with disabilities. 

It has been found that the amount of disability prescribed for the personnel and officers are different and there are still a huge disparity.  Till Implementation of 6th CPC, the amount of Disability Pension  was slab based and after implementation of 6th CPC the amount of Disability pension decided as 30% of last emoluments (basic Pay + MSP + Class Pay) for 100% disability.

Since the amount of disability element (pension) for any level of severity of disability assessd by the Medical authority depends on the Pay drawn by the officer/ JCOs/NCOs etc.  It is well known that  at the time of retirement/discharge from service,  there have been a vast difference in Pay. 

We may study an illustration  here – At present a Sgt/Hav  Y Gp with 20 years of service is drawing pay of  Rs 42000/-  (Emolument).  Whereas an officer with  20 Years , in General in the rank of Col used to draw Pay Rs 1,60,000/- (Emolument).    Since Pay of the officer is approximately 4 times, disability pension is also applicable to the officers is 4 times of a Jawan.

Various veterans organisations have raised their voice against the disparity but it has been found that the defence authority ignore this kind of grievances.  Recently Govt of India, Ministry of Defence, DESW has issued a clarification and comments of the Govt authority on the matter.  An extract is reproduced below :-

Points of Retired PBOR through various Veterans Organisations & Comment of Ministry of Defence

Demands for granting equal disability pension to officers and Jawans.

Comments of Ministry of Defence : As per existing policy, the Disability Pension (Disability Element and Service Element) for all ranks is calculated at a uniform rate. The rate Disability Element is 30% of reckonable emoluments for 100% disablement subject to proportionate reduction in case of disability less than 100%. The Service Element is calculated at 50% of the reckonable emolument. ln this way total of Disability Pension (Service Element and Disability Element) for 100% disability is 80% of the reckonable emoluments. There is no change in the existing Policy.

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