Eligible Ex-Servicemen may avail Cheshire Homes Grant

Cheshire Homes Grant for ESM

What is Cheshire Homes ?

The eligible and needy Exservicemen who are in some medical issues which can not be treated from home or traditional hospitals are kept at Cheshire Homes. There was general agreement in principle that the Cheshire Homes should be given as much help as possible so that the ESM/ dependent inmates are looked after by them. 

The Managing Committee of  KSB in its meeting held on 08 Dec 86, decided that Rs. 200/- p.m. be paid per ESM/ dependent inmates of the homes from Oct 86 onwards. At present KSB provides financial assistance in r/o following Cheshire Homes:-

(a) Cheshire Home, Delhi Rs. 15,000/-p.a. per inmate
(b) Raphael Ryder InternationalCheshire Home, Dehradun Rs. 15,000/-p.a. per inmate.
(c) Cheshire Home, Lucknow Rs. 15,000/-p.a. per inmate

Why is the Cheshire Home Grant paid to ESM ?

Cheshire Homes look after leprosy patients, mentally handicapped patients, chronic spastic/paraplegic and TB patients. KSB provides maintenance grant for ESMs/dependents who are inmates in the above Cheshire homes/Centre. 

Amount of Cheshire Homes Grant

Grant. Initially Rs. 2,400/- per annum per ESM/ his dependent inmate was being provided from 01 Apr 86. 

Subsequently it was enhanced to 

Rs 6,000/- per annum  wef  01 Oct 89 
Rs. 9,000/- per annum per ESM/his dependent inmate from 01 Apr 1996
Rs. 15,000/- per annum per ESM/his dependent inmates from 01 Apr 2021. 

    How to Apply for Cheshire Homes Grant

    The claim is submitted by their Chairman/ Secretary Of above homes/ centre with nominal roll of inmates. 9. Processing at KSB. Upon receipt of claim, by the Account Section, themes are examined & processed. If found correct a note was prepared and put up for sanction of theCompetent Authority.

    Payment Procedure :  After approval of competent authority, the cheque is dispatched to the concerned organization.


    Lets update our Knowledge level with detailed study of Cheshire Homes.

    Cheshire Homes is a charitable organization that provides support and services to people with disabilities, particularly those with physical disabilities and mobility challenges. The organization was founded by Leonard Cheshire, a British war veteran, in the aftermath of World War II. Its primary mission is to promote the independence, inclusion, and well-being of individuals with disabilities.

    Cheshire Homes typically offer a range of services and support, which may include:

    Residential Care: Cheshire Homes often provide accessible and adapted housing for individuals with disabilities. These homes are designed to meet the specific needs of residents, including wheelchair accessibility and other accommodations.

    Personal Care Assistance: Many Cheshire Homes offer personal care assistance to residents, including help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation.

    Rehabilitation Services: Some Cheshire Homes have rehabilitation facilities where residents can receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other forms of rehabilitation to improve their mobility and independence.


    Social and Recreational Activities: Cheshire Homes often organize social and recreational activities to promote social interaction, inclusion, and community engagement among residents.

    Advocacy and Support: These organizations may also provide advocacy services to help individuals with disabilities access their rights, benefits, and services in the community.

    Educational and Vocational Support: Some Cheshire Homes offer educational and vocational training programs to help residents acquire skills and qualifications that can lead to employment opportunities.

    Accessible Infrastructure: Cheshire Homes often have accessible infrastructure and facilities to ensure that residents can move around freely and comfortably within the home.

    Community Integration: They work to integrate individuals with disabilities into the broader community, promoting inclusion and reducing stigma and discrimination.

    It’s important to note that Cheshire Homes are part of a broader network of organizations and initiatives that support people with disabilities. While the specific services and programs offered may vary from one Cheshire Home to another, the overarching goal is to enhance the quality of life and independence of individuals with disabilities.

    The work of Cheshire Homes aligns with broader efforts to promote disability rights, accessibility, and inclusivity in society, and they often collaborate with government agencies, other nonprofit organizations, and the private sector to achieve their mission

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