Eligibility for Dependent I Card (DIC) or Family I Card of Exservicemen

Eligibility for Dependent I Card (DIC) or Family I Card of Exservicemen

How to get I card for former soldiers or widows, dependent family members?

Which family member will get DIC?
Ex-serviceman’s wife, children, father, mother, unmarried/divorced/widowed daughter, disabled child and pensioner daughter can get Dependent I Card (DIC).

Eligibility to get Dependent ID Card (DIC)

(a) Wife of Ex-Serviceman: Always eligible. There is no age or income limit.

(b) Son of Ex-Serviceman: Age should be below 25 years and unmarried. Monthly income should be less than ₹ 9000/-.

(c) Daughter of Ex-Servicemen: No age limit. Must be unmarried and income should be less than ₹9000/- per month.

(d) Handicapped Child: Discharge book should contain name as Handicapped Child. You will get it even if you are married. No age limit.

(e) Parents dependent on soldier: Names must be in the discharge book. Combined monthly income of parents should be less than ₹9000/-.

(f) Unmarried/Widow/Divorced Girl: Must be dependent on ex-serviceman or widow. The daughter’s income should be less than ₹9000/ along with the income of her children. A dependency and income certificate from the municipality councilor or panchayat head. If daughter receives pension in absence of father, then daughter will also get DIC. Monthly combined earnings should be less than ₹9000/- excluding pension.

Other Terms of Dependent I card

(a) Ex-serviceman or widow should have Sainik Board I Card (ZSB).

(b) The house address and correct name and date of birth of each member should be entered in the discharge book or widow’s service certificate and it should match with the Aadhaar card. If it does not match what is written in the discharge book or PPO, it will be written in DIC.

(c) If the name, date of birth or address of any person has been changed in the service records and the Part Two order has been received, copy thereof shall be furnished with the application.

How long is the validity of the card

DIC will be issued for 5 years initially, and will be extended by 5 years.
(a) I Card of spouse, parents and disabled children: card issued for lifetime.

(b) Sons: I Card will be issued initially for 5 years, then extended for 5 years till reaching the age of 25 years or getting married or earning more than ₹9000/-.

(c) Daughter or Sister : I Card will be issued for 5 years initially and then extended for 5 years till marriage or earning more than ₹9000/-.

(d) Minor brother of soldier: Initially for 5 years and then in increments of 5 years up to the age of 18 years.

When the card should be returned to ZSB ?

(a) In case of death of an I Card holder.

(b) If the monthly income of any person other than spouse is more than ₹9000/.

(c) If a child other than a disabled child is married.

(d) If the son is above 25 years of age.

(e) If the brother is above 18 years of age.

(f) In case of death of Ex-Serviceman (ESM), Dependent I Card of wife should be submitted. Wife has to take Widow I card.

Information regarding misuse of ID card

(a) DIC is not for entry into a military restricted area.

(b) I card will be canceled if photocopy of DIC is kept.

(c) Any tampering or misuse of the ID Card will result in cancellation of the Card and the Facility.

(d) the care and safekeeping of the Card is the responsibility of the person in whose name the Card is. If he is a minor, of an ex-serviceman/widow.

(e) Do not give photocopy of ID card to anyone as proof of identity or date of birth.

How to get duplicate card if DIC is damaged or lost

(a) In case of deterioration of ID card, application for change can be made after 5 years.

(b) In case of loss, first file an FIR at the police station. After one month write “card still not received” in that FIR from that police station.

(c) Submit an offline application, original FIR, and photograph to Sainik Board.

(d) The Secretary shall inquire of the Soldier Board and determine whether the card may be re-issued.

Then you will be given duplicate ID card. An entry will be made in the discharge book.

(e) The ex-serviceman/widow shall write, that if he finds the lost ID card, he will return it and deposit the duplicate ID card in the soldier’s board.

Penalty for loss of ID card

(i) First time loss: ₹300/-
(ii) Second time loss: ₹600/-
(iii) Third time loss: ₹900/-

How to Apply for Dependent ID Card
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