Eligibility Conditions for OROP 2nd Revision 2022

Eligibility Conditions for OROP 2nd Revision 2022 mentioned in Govt Circular

The OROP Second Revision and its implementation by Govt

Do you know that all defence Forces Pensioners are not entitled to get OROP Benefit. This questions has been raised several times since the OROP introuced in India. The Government authority has issued instructions regarding eligibility criteria alogwith the implementation orders of  One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme for Indian Armed Forces Personnel from time to time. Your search for eligibility criteria for grant of OROP benefit to Armed Forces Personnel will be ended here. The Government authority has expressed that implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) has been done vide MoD letter no. 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Pol)- Part-II dated 07.11.2015 and tables for fixation of pension were issued vide MoD letter no. 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Policy)-Part-II dated 03.02.2016.  Under OROP Scheme it was the first revision.  The second Revision after five Years was due in July 2019. OROP Revision table 2022 pdf will be published soon as and when published by DESW.

Eligible categories of pensioners entitled OROP Benefit

After a detailed study of the Govt instructions, it has been ascertained that eligibility conditions are as mentioned here. The following nature of pensioners who were eligible as pensioner as on 01.07.2019 are eligible to get OROP Revision benefit now

(a)    All Armed Forces Pensioner who are receiving Service pension.
(b)    ll Armed Forces Pensioner who are receiving retiring Pension/ Service  Pension/Service Element of Disability Pension/Service Element of War Injury Pension/Invalid Pension.
(c)    All Armed forces pensioners who are receiving service element of Disability pension (medical invalidated out of service service).
(d)   All Armed Forces pensioners who are receiving disability element of Disability Pension.
(e)   All Armed Forces pensioners who are receiving Invalid Pension.
(f)   All Armed Forces Family Pensioners who are receiving any kind of family pension i.e ordinary, special, enhanced rate, normal rate & Liberalized. 
(g)   All Armed Forces pensioners who are receiving War Injury Element of War Injury Pension (Discharge).
(h) All Armed Forces pensioners who are receiving War Injury Element of War Injury Pension (In Invalided out).
(i)    All Armed Forces pensioners who are Pre 01.06.1953 Discharged Personnel.
(j)      All TA personnel drawing Invalid Pension, Service Element of Disability Pension and Service Pension and Non-Combatants (Enrolled) (NC’s (E)) of regular Army and Air Force drawing pension as on 1.7.2019.

Non eligible categories to get OROP Benefit

(a)            The provisions of PCDA Circular No 555 dated 04.02.2016 do not apply to UK/HKSRA/KCIOs pensioners, Pakistan and Burma Army Pensioners.
(b)          These orders do not apply to Reservist Pensioners.
(c)           These orders also do not apply to Pensioners in receipt of Ex-Gratia payments.

OROP Table 2022 Published on 23.12.2022: PIB Release by Defence Ministry

Judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court for implementation of OROP

As per judgemet of the Supreme Court dated 16.03.2022, the Govt Defence authority was given three months time to implement the OROP Revision which is due since July 2019 and to release the arrears for the period also. The summary of the judgement are here :-

  • The bench had directed that the re-fixation exercise as per the policy should be carried out with effect from July 1, 2019 and the arrears should be paid to the pensioners within 3 months.
  • The bench of Justices DY Chandrachud, Surya Kant and Vikram Nath refused to accept the challenge made by the Exservicemen  association “Indian Ex-Service Movement”.
  • The Court had delivered that “We accordingly direct that a refixation exercise must be conducted by the Govt. for a period of 5 years with regard to pension payable to Army Personnel as stated in the OROP policy in accordance with the November 7, 2015 notification.  Refixation exercise to be carried out from July 1, 2019 and arrears to be paid to Army personnel within 3 months”, the bench ordered while disposing of the petition.

Meanwhile, the Govt authority had approached the Apex Court to allow three months more time for calculation of formula for Revision of pension under OROP scheme which is due since July 2019. The PIB Release o 29th July confirmed that the revision process is continued and we may expect our dues o be paid soon. To know more about this topic you may read OROP Arrears Latest News 2022 .

OROP Eligibility Criteria as per Govt Orders

After a long waiting and orders released by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on 16.03.2022, it has been decided that the revision will take place in a time bound manner and arrears arises thereof will be paid to the applicable pensioners. OROP Revision table 2022 pdf will be published soon as and when published by DESW. Now the question is who is eligible ? Who is not eligible?

Whether DSC persons are entitle OROP benefit

Pension of DSC personnel who are in receipt of pension for DSC service only (i.e. those who are getting single pension for the services rendered both in the Army and the DSC by way of counting former service in the Army along with the service in the DSC) shall be revised based on the same rates as provided for regular army tables. DSC personnel on ‘clerical duty’ and ‘other duty’ are entitled for pension of regular army personnel of group ‘Y’. However, for JCOs/ORs of DSC in receipt of second pension due to their services in the DSC, separate tables have been prepared and enclosed. DSC personnel on ‘clerical duty’ and ‘other duty’ are entitled for the same rate of pension.

OROP Benefit of Disability element of disability pension

Disability element of Disability Pension and War Injury Element of War Injury Pension is now linked with Service Pension/Service Element. Therefore, the Disability Element of Disability Pension is also linked with qualifying service of pensioners. Hence, PDAs may revise Service Element and Disability Element of Disability Pension on the basis of the rank/ group/category and qualifying service of the pensioners. Rank, group and qualifying service for which the individual has been pensioned have been indicated in original Pension Payments Orders (PPOs) or its Corrigendum PPOs. In case, any information regarding qualifying service, rank, group etc., is not available with PDAs, such cases may be referred to Pension Sanctioning Authorities concerned in the proforma enclosed as Annexure-‘A’(both for ICOs and JCOs/ORs) to the Govt. letter No.12 (1)/2014/D(Pen/Policy)-Part-II dt. 3rd Feb, 2016. OROP Revision table 2022 pdf will be published soon as and when published by DESW.

Authority for Grant of OROP Benefit to Armed Forces Pensioners (All ranks)

1.      PCDA Circular No 555 dated 04.02.2016.

2.      Ministry of Defence, DESW letter No 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Policy)-Part-II dated 03.02.2016.

3.      GoI, MoD letter No 12 (1)/2014/D(Pen/Policy)-Part-II  dated 07.11.2015.

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