ECHS will Provide Medical Certificate for self and Dependents

It has been seen that we often need to have a medical certificate for the purpose of Joining Govt Job, obtaining Driving License, school admission of our children or any other purpose.  In such a situation we often visit some private clinic and pay a high amount .

But you should know that such a service is available in ECHS also.  Some of you must have approached ECHS but they have denied to attend you referring that “ ECHS is for treatment purpose, not for certification”

This is not that SOP of ECHS Treatment policy says. Due to lack of information and knowledge,  many ECHS beneficiaries are not allowed to get medical certificates, sickness certificate, or endorsement of Medical / Dental officer remarks for Driving license/ Govt jobs joining med cert at ECHS Polyclinics.

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Must submit this Declaration on SPARSH Portal for Continuous Pension

The authority for the same is clarified in “SOP for treatment management 2018” issued by MD ECHS that MO /DO at ECHS Polyclinics are AMA (Authorised Medical Attendant) of beneficiaries and a specific time slot of 3 pm to 4 on has been allocated for this purpose.  You may refer ECHS CO letter No  . B/49701-PR/AG/ECHS/2018 dt 10 Sep 2018).

Tele: 011-25684946                                                                            ASCON: 36832
ECHS Central Organisation ECHS
Maude Lines Delhi Cantt -110 010
B/49701-PR/AG/ECHS/2018                                                               10 Sep 2018

IHQof MoD(Navy)/PDECHS (N)
Air HQ (Subroto Park)/DAV
All Command HQ’s (A/ECHS)
All Regional Centre’s,
Adjutant General’s Branch IHQ of MoD (Army)                                                                              


1. Further to CO ECHS letter No B/49701-PR/AG/ECHS/2017 dt 01Dec 2017.

2. Authorized Medical Attendant (AMA) for an ECHS beneficiary is the Medical Officer (MO) of ECHS Polyclinic

3. The fwg medical certificate will be issued by ECHS Polyclinics to ECHS beneficiaries:
            (a) Sickness certificate, if reqd by the employer.
            (b) Fitness certificate after recovery from sickness.
            (c) Driving License for ECHS Beneficiaries.
            (d) Fitness Certificate for employment of any ECHS Beneficiary att at Appx ‘A’.
            (e) Infirmity certificate to ECHS bedridden patients, widows & person based on medical certificate att at Appx ‘B’.
            (f) Concession certificates for orthopedically handicapped/paraplegic person/ patient/mentally retarded person/completely blind/totally deaf & dump person att at Appx ‘C’.

4. RCs to communicate the content of this letter to all Polyclinics

                                                                                    BS Sisodia
                                                                                    Col Dir (Ops & Coord)
                                                                                    for MD ECHS

Internal All Secs (less S&A Sec) S & A Sec -Pl updated on ECHS website

Appx ‘A


1. I______________________________ No Rank Name (Retd), have applied for the employment of   _______________________________ in (Name of Organisation)

2. I certify that I am not on regular medication for any disease and not suffering from any chronic disease.


 I am a patient of _______________________and am on regular medicine and treatment.

3. I further certify that I am not to undertake strenuous physical / mental work load in the employment, I have applied for.

4. I also fully understand that my continued employment during the contract is subject to my medical fitness.

Signature ______________________

No Rank Name _______________________



Certified that ________________________________________________No Rank Name (Retd) residing of physical for to undertake strenours work and is not suffering from any communicable or contagious disease.


                                                                                                (Signatureof ECHS Medical Officer)


Direct Entry in JCO Agniveer cadre in Indian Army

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