ECHS Service Monitoring Through Monthly Meeting

ECHS is providing dedicated service to the nation by providing quality medical facilities through Empannelled Hospitals to the beneficiaries. However, from the feedback collectd by various ESM association from the Exservicemen and their family members, it has been observed that majority of the members are not happy with the service provided by ECHS.

Whereas, 85% ESM are happy with the medical services provided by Coomand Hospitals, Base Hospitals and Military Hospitals located at various mil stns of India. Medical Services provided by Empannelled Hospitals are also quite satisfactory and 90% ECHS benefiaries has no objection against them.

From the above comparative evaluation of the medical service provided by various medical authorities, which form the system of medical services for retired soldiers, it has been found that ECHS socred the least points which may be termed as under performer. From various analysis by the ESM Associations on services provided by ECHS, it has been revealed that 90% ECHS beneficiaries are unhappy with ECHS sue to unproessional administrative dealing by ECHS Staff.

It may be due to improper staffing norms or lack of management abilities of the superior authorities. Whatever the matter may be, In our opinion, it can be improved with constant monitoring and implementing strong and effective grievance redressal mechanism.

Recently ECHS Central Organisation has introduced monthly meeting which will be held at Regional / polyclinic level and participation of beneficiaries representative is must. letter issued by the Govt is reproduced below:

As mentioned in the above letter of the ECHS Central Organisation, it is requested to all ECHS beneficiaries that those interested to represent the ESM community, may attend the meeting for greater cause and better medical services to the Exservicemen & their families.

To know more about date, time and venue of the meeting, interested ESM may contact the administrative office of the concerned polyclinic.

A common point received from a number of ESM / Veterans organisations is described below :

There is a huge gap between the SOPs instructions, Circular and actions of the ECHS Staff members who are responsible to execute day to day function of the ECHS. As a result, the beneficiaries are being deprived of their rights.