ECHS Rules : Who can Join ?

ECHS latest rules of eligibility

ECHS is a Health care service extended to the Armed Forces Veterans. Those category of Armed Forces veterans can only join the ECHS membership and avail the medical benefits :

(a)   Territorial Army (TA),
(b)   Defence Security Corps (DSC),
(c)   Uniformed Indian Coast Guard (ICG),
(d)   Military Nursing Service (MNS),
(e)   Special Frontier Force (SFF),
(f)    Nepal Domiciled Gorkha (NDG),

(g)   Whole time NCC Officers,
(h)   Girl Cadet Instructors (GCIs),
(i)    Eligible APS pensioners,
(j)   Assam Rifles pensioners,
(k)   WW II Veterans,

(l)   Short Service Commissioned Officers (SSCOs),
(m)   Emergency Commissioned Officers (ECOs)
(n)   Pre-Mature Retirees (PMR).

For Short Service Commissioned Officers (SSCOs), and Pre Mature Retirees, ECHS facility would be extended only to the ESM and their spouses. No other dependent will be eligible.

ECHS stands for Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme. It is a scheme introduced by the Government of India in April 2003, which provides comprehensive healthcare facilities to the ex-servicemen pensioners and their dependents.

Under this scheme, the ex-servicemen and their eligible dependents are entitled to medical treatment at various ECHS Polyclinics and empanelled private hospitals across the country. The scheme is funded by the government through the Army, Navy, and Air Force and is administered by the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (DESW) of the Ministry of Defence.

The ECHS aims to provide quality healthcare to the ex-servicemen and their dependents and to reduce their financial burden for medical treatment. It also aims to create a sense of goodwill among the ex-servicemen towards the government and to strengthen the relationship between the Armed Forces and the civilian population.

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