How to transfer ECHS Parent Polyclinic online in 2023-24

ECHS Online facilities

Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) was launched on 01.04.2003. The Health Scheme aims to provide Allopathic and AYUSH medical facilities to Ex-servicemen pensioner and their dependents through a strong network of ECHS Polyclinics, Service medical facilities, Government hospitals, empanelled private hospitals/specified Govt. AYUSH hospitals spread across the country. The Scheme has been well structured on the lines of the premium health scheme of Govt of India, CGHS to ensure cashless transactions, for the patients.  DESW, Min of Defence is responsible to look after thr Matters relating to Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme after its creation in September, 2004. Later on in 2009 ECHS has been designated as an attached office of Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare. The Central Organisation of ECHS is headed by a Managing Director, a serving Major General.

ECHS Polyclinics : Digital Forms

There are 427 Polyclinics in 28 Regional Centers sanctioned by the Government, ECHS Polyclinics are designed to provide OPD facilities which includes consultation, essential investigation and provision of medicines. Specialized consultations, investigations and ‘In Patient Care’ (Hospitalization) is provided through spare capacity available in Service hospitals / Government Hospitals / private hospitals empanelled with ECHS.

Some Advantages of Becoming an ECHS Member

1.       No age or medical condition bar for becoming an ECHS member.
2.       No monetary ceiling on treatment of ESM and their dependents.
3.       Indoor/outdoor treatment, tests and medicines provided.
4.       Life time contribution ranges from Rs 30,000/- to Rs 1,20,000/- (depending upon Rank/Pay Level)
5.       Provision for re-imbursement at CGHS rates, in case of treatment under Emergency in a non-empanelled facility.
6.       Familiar environment and sense of belongingness.

7.       Can avail ECHS facilities throughout the country.
8.       Treatment facility covers spouse and all eligible dependents.

Concept of ECHS Parent Polyclinic & Outstation members

From very beginning, ECHS members were allowed to avail entire medical facilities throughout the country at his designated parent polyclinic only. Outstation ECHS facilities was allowed only on production of Temporary Attach Certificates which was abolished in 2011. Thereafter, ECHS members may avail medical facilities in any ECHS polyclinic throughout the country  on producing their ECHS Smart Card vide CO ECHS Letter No B/49711/AG/ECHS dt 25 March 2011.

On production of your ECHS smart card at reception of any outstation ECHS polyclinic (other than your parent polyclinic), you will be asked to opt for change of parent polyclinic or continue as a temporary member.  If you change your parent polyclinic, there is a freezing period of six months and you will not be able to opt any other Parent polyclinic in this period.

In case the veteran opt for not to change his parent polyclinic, he/she will be issued medicines upto 7 days at a time and no non expendable medical equipment such as hearing aids etc will be issued in this case.

How to Change ECHS Parent Polyclinic in 2022

Action by ESM for change of ECHS Parent Polyclinic

Step. 1        :        ESM  should login to the designated website using his login credential (user ID, Password & Captcha).

Step. 2        :        Select the beneficiary whose polyclinic is required to be changed and choose New Polyclinic the submit request.

Action by the OIC Old ECHS Polyclinic

OIC Old Polyclinic will receive the online transfer request and check the details of ESM. After that he will transfer out the beneficiary as requested by the ESM.

Action by the OIC New ECHS Polyclinic

OIC New Polyclinic will receive the online transfer request and check the details of ESM. After that he will approve the transfer in of the beneficiary as requested by the ESM and soon after that the beneficiary will be enlisted as permanent member of the polyclinic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What are the criteria for Change of Parent Polyclinic ?

Ans.  As per Central Organisation ECHS Policy Letter No B/49711-New Smart Card/AG/ECHS dt 29 July 2019, all ECHS beneficiaries with 64 KB Smart Card can change their parent polyclinic once in 6 months.

Q2.    What are the documents required for change of parent polyclinic ?

Ans.   No document is required for change of polyclinic by the New Polyclinic.  Once it is approved by the OIC New Polyclinic, changes taken place on real time basis and same will be up loaded in the ECHS portal. The beneficiary when reports to the New Parent Polylinic, will insert his smart card in to the Kiosk for updating the data or contact the reception for the same.

Q3.   How long it takes to get approved the transfer request of ECHS parent polyclinic ?

Ans.  No Specific time limit is there. As per information received through RTI application by a beneficiary, it should not take more than 2 days if no technical issue is there it being a total online process.

Q.4.    Can I transfer my ECHS Card to any where in India ?

Ans.   Yes there is no restrictions laid down in the policy letter. You may choose online  any new parent polyclinic based on your suitability. No polyclinic can refuse it.

Q.5.   What should I do if my request for change of polyclinic not approved even after a period of 15 days or more ven after repeated request to the old and new polyclinic ?

Ans.   Grievance redressal mechanism of the Govt organization is always open to all citizens.  You may lodge a complaint or Grievance.


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