ECHS Beneficiaries may avail these Online Facilities

ECHS Beneficiaries may avail these Online Facilities

In this digital era medical treatment and allied services are also adopting online system. ECHS has introduced several online systems in the medical administration which are described below :-

(a) An ECHS beneficiary can change his parent Polyclinic online once in three months, in case desired.  To know the detailed process kindly read this article please. 

How to transfer ECHS Parent Polyclinic online in 2023

(b) Data related to ECHS beneficiary and his/ her dependents can be amended/ changed online. To avail this facilities, kindly log on to the webportal of ECHS or read the details below đź‘Ť

ECHS Card Renewal Online : Full Process Guide

(c) There exists an online provision to add dependents after filing necessary application form which is available online.  To avail this facility you need to login to the ECHS webportal using your credential first and then all these access is available.

(d) In case of loss of cards/ demise of beneficiary, online provisions exist to block/ reprint the ECHS Card.  Kindly reqd the full SOP on ht matter available at or

(e) Request for extension of hospital stay can be processed online. For details please visit the ECHS official website 

(f) Claim related waivers and sanction can be processed online for reimbursement of all individual claims. To know details please read the details here –

(g) The facility for online uploading of claims for reimbursement with options of IPD, OPD and pharmacy bills has been enabled on the BPA portal. The status of the claim is also visible to the beneficiary on the BPA portal.  

In 2021 the ECHS-BPA had introduced an on line module where the claimants could submit their claims on line directly to the BPA. Some of us are already using this system thereby cutting down the delays as the Claim ID is straight way generated for the claim.

(h) An NA/ LP of Med Module exist wherein the ECHS Polyclinics can prepare summary of NA medicines on daily basis and demand the NA medicines from Authorised Local Chemist (ALC).

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19. Online Individual Reimbursement Claim Facility. A facility has been created to enable an ECHS beneficiary to upload all individual reimbursement claim directly on the BPA portal. Instructions are as follows:-

(a) Enter the 12 digit card number as mentioned on beneficiary/ dependent 64 KB ECHS Card.
(b) Enter the mobile number which is registered with 64 KB ECHS Card.
(c) If the card number and mobile number are correct then an OTP will be sent on the registered mobile number.
(d) In a month only four IPD claims can be submitted online.
(e) In a month only four OPD claims can be submitted online.
(f) In a month only eight Pharmacy Bills can be submitted online.

The following documents are mandatory for uploading reimbursement claim:-

For  IPD (when admitted in a hospital).
(i) ECHS Card Copy.
(ii) EIR in case of emergency.
(iii) Emergency Letter (By Hospital).
(iv) Bill Details.
(v) Discharge Summary.
(vi) Medical Reports.
(vii) Copy of Cancelled Cheque.

For OPD (When not admitted in any Hospital).

(i) ECHS Card Copy.
(ii) Prescription Slip.
(iii) Bill Details.
(iv) Medical Reports.
(v) Copy of Cancelled Cheque.

(c) Pharmacy (NA Medicine Reimbursement).

(i) ECHS Card Copy.
(ii) Prescription Slip.
(iii) Bill Details.
(iv) NA Certificate.
(v) Copy of Cancelled Cheque.

You may watch the Video in this regard here –

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