Dual Family Pension Rules for Exservicemen : Civil & Defence

Govt of India has extended the provisions for dual family pension to the family members of reemployed Exservicemen. The Exservicemen who served several years in any Govt, PSU State Govt, SPSU, Autonomous Body or any Govt aided Institutes/ Organisatios and his family becoming eligibile to get family pension can now draw both the Family pension i.e Defence side and Civil organisation. In this regard following letters given in pdf format may be referred. Due to non awareness of civil authority, the widows of exservicemen faced problem as the civil organisation denied to allow them to draw family pension from their department. The New rule is effecctive from 24 Sept 2012.

The summary of the matter :

New Rules of Family Pension effective from 24 Sept 2012.

Defence Family Pension and Civil Family Pension bot authorised to widows of ESM



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