DSC recruitment 2023

DSC Recruitment : Apply Now and know the Eligibility criteria

Mil Tele 6404 The Punjab Regimental Centre
Civ Tele 06553

1652 Rtg/DSC UR 31 Aug 2023

All Concerned

1 It is intimated that recruitment rally for Regular & TA ESM (102 TA, 150 TA, 156 TA) for re-enrolment into DSC as Sep (GD) & Sep (Clk SD) will be conducted at the Regt Centre on 03 Oct 2023 QR is as under :-
(a) Character Very Good or Exemplary.
(b) Discp :-
(i) Notmore than two red ink entries during entire former service.
(ii) Punished under Army Act Secs 34, 35, 36 (on active service only) and 41 (2)
(on active service only).
(iii) Punishment awarded Red or Black entry even extra Guard and duties under Army Act Sec 48 in last five years.
(iv) No Red ink entry in last three years of former service
(c) Service
(i) Regular Armv ESM Min five years colour service. Service counted for pension / gratuity is treated as qualified service.
(ii) TA ESM – Person who rendered pensionable service (earned after putting in 15 years embodied service either continuous or in broken spell) have now been granted ESM Status.

ECHS  सुविधा कैसे सरेंडर करें और चिकित्सा भत्ता कैसे प्राप्त करें

(d) Med Cat. Should be medical category SHAPE-1 at the time of re-enrolment. However
personnel placed in LMC (both temp, permt) during the last live yrs of former service preceding the date of discharge (even upgraded to SHAPE-1, before discharge) due to Alcohol Dependence Syndrome’ are not eligible for re-enrolment into DSC.

MSP to be Part of  Pay Fixed on Reemployment of Exservicemen : High Court Ordered

(e) Service Criteria.
(i) Clks • Gap penod should be within five years from the date of discharge from
service till the individual reports to the recruiting atleric,es (Al physical and medic., teat,
) – Gap period should be within two years from the date 01 discharge from
service till the individual reports to the recruiting agencies for physical and m.ical test
(f) Age Upto 461,0 (Al Sep (GDi and 48 to for Sep (Clk SD) on the date alscleatlohg.
(9) Edo Qualification 10, Army 3′” class certificate of education (ACE-Ill)
(0) Cause of Discharge Regular Alma ESM under (3(3) 111(,) 0 (3 13) II!
A ESM ,,,der TA Rule 14 iai
2 Application lone for enrollment into DSC is enclosed herewith for your public,’
No ESM will be allowed to participate the rally without submitting their application

Your action after SPARSH Migration Message received from Bank
  1. You are requested to give wido publicity (Al 111e recruitment rally to enable maximum 11,1000 :1
    etogsbie persons to go through the recruitment proces……..
बैंक से प्राप्त SPARSH माइग्रेशन संदेश के बाद आपकी कार्रवाई :रक्षा पेंशन निर्देशा
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