Download Pension Slip without any Password and registration on your Smart Phone in 2023

Download pension slip without password and even you need not to register on any website or App now. Welcome to ESM Info Club Website.  You will get detailed information regarding the Pension Slip Download Process from Govt of India Website. You need not be afraid of any fishing or being trapped.

Download Pension Slip is how important

Pension Slip is a vital document for pensioners. It is the proof of pension paid to you by your banker for the period. You can go through your entitlement and deductions, income tax liability and other liabilities if any.  Arrears paid also are reflected in your pension slip.  In future you may need to produce this document for any pay/pension related issue or taking loan from bank or any other purpose as the case may be.

Download Pension slip from authenticated sources only

It has been noticed that people used to download pension slip from unauthenticated sources using  Mobile Apps or Links.  Such practice of download pension slip may not be secure at all and may fall in trap of hackers. So, it must be ensured that you are navigating an authenticating source only for download pension slip.

Name of the Organisation providing this service  Ministry of Defence, Govt of India  
Website of the defence  
Input required  Name of Bank, State  and Account Number
Out putPension details of any monthPension details of any yearComplete profile summary of a pensioner  
OTP RequiredNo
Registration RequiredNo
Mobile App DownloadNo

Download Pension Slip from Govt Sources in 3 Easy step

Now it’s  time to download your pension slip from an authenticated source. You don’t need any OTP, neither you have to go through any registration process.  Only Defence pensioners can use this platform, both combatant and civilian.  Now, keep your pension payment Bank Account number ready and go through the steps as described below:

Step – I :  Type  at your browser/ Google on your mobile screen/computer whichever you are using.  Once the page opens, click on  “Click here to View Pension Details”.   Ensure that at the bottom of this page captcha code is appeared. If captcha code is not appeared, please refresh your browser by pressing on three dots at the top right hand corner and then press circular arrow sign.

Step – II  :     Now you need to select the options as mentioned below :

From Where you are Drawing Your Pension?

  • DPDO
  • Bank                     
  • CPDA Allahabad

Select Bank option from above.

  Select Bank*

                You need select your Bank from the list.  For Example: State Bank of India ..etc.

                                                Select State

                You need to select your state of bank branch located from the dropdown list.

                                                Account No*

                You need to type your bank account number in which pension is credited every month.

                                                Please Enter Below Text in Input Box.

                You need to type the text that appears in the left side Box.  Then click on submit button.

Now a page will appear  Welcome Mr. XXXX.  You may not down your PPO Number if you need from here. This page is your profile summary page.  If you want to view pension slip of any particular month go through the next Step.

Step – II  :     Now you need to click on the three small lines at the top left corner of your mobile screen. Then press on the “Pension Details” button.  Now select month and year. Then press on Generate Pension button. The page containing your pension details for the particular month will be appeared here.  You may keep a print out of this page if you need. 

Download Pension Slip of a complete year

There is an option to view pension details of a complete Financial year at the bottom under heading “View Yearly Pension”.  Just select the year from the drop down list and press the Generate Pension button to get the pension details of the particular year.


Q.1.        From which website I can download my Pension slip ?

Ans.       You can down your Pension Slip from

Q.2.        Who can download pension slip from this website ?

Ans.       Only Defence Pensioners can download pension slip from here.

Q.3.        Is it a secure place to download my pension slip ?

Ans.       This service is provided by Govt of India, Ministry of Defence, so it is secure enough.

Q.4.        Should I download any mobile app for download pension slip ?

Ans.       No, you don’t need to download any app for download pension slip.

Q.5.        Can I get print out of this pension slip ?

Ans.        Yes you can keep a print out of this output simply pressing on the print button.

Q.6.        Should I enter my mobile number , name etc  to get OTP ?

Ans.       No, you don’t need to enter your name or mobile number as OTP not required here.

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