Digital Life Certificate Submission Proccess through mobile phone in 2022

Digital Life Certificate Submission Proccess through mobile phone is desccribed in this article. Digital Life certificate can be submitted online with some easy steps.  To know the steps required to be followed and devices required, you should read this article completely. 

What is Life Certificate?

Life certificate is the mandatory document required to furnish to the pension paying authority as a proof of Living. The pensioners declare that he is alive and other mandatory declaration regarding remarriage and reemployment is also mentioned in this certificate. The certificate is authenticated by a responsible person and Branch manager of pension paying branch or Post Office or PDA as the case may be.

When you need to submit life certificate and where

Life certificate is usually submitted in the month of November every year. Due to pandemic situation the period of submission of life certificate has been extended in recent years.  For Super Senior Citizens, the period of Life certificate submission starts from October.  The pensioner should submit their Life certificate to their Pension Paying authority, i.e Bank or Post Office or PDA.  It has been facilitated by some Banks that the pensioners may submit their life certificate at any branch of their bank. It is not necessary to submit the Life Certificate at only Pension Paying Branch of those banks.   

Various ways of submission of Life Certificate

Life certificate can be submitted in various ways.  The most popular ways are to submit Life Certificate through Digital ways i.e online submission.  In addition one can submit the filled up Life certificate forms duly signed  by the pensioner at the presence of Branch manager of the pension paying branch.

Digital Life Certificate on web portal

Digital Life Certificate can be submitted directly to the Govt through jeevanpraman web portal of Govt of India. Pensioners need not to visit any bank or post office branches for submission of life certificate. They can submit life certificate from home at their convenient time using their android phone only.

Devices Required for Digital Life Certificate

For Generation of Digital Life Certificate, pensioners need to keep ready following devices :

                (a)          Android Phone

                (b)          OTG Plug/cable

                (c)           Fingerprint Scanner

Steps to be followed for online Digital Life Certificate

Digital Life Certificate can be generated using these simple steps:

  • Open Google from your any device
  • Search “”
  • Then Go to Menu and then click on Downloads
  • Enter your Email ID and download the Mobile App
  • Now install the Mobile App and after installing, return to the page and click on the RD (registered device) Services and devices for android.
  • To register your fingerprint device, plug in the Bio Metric fingerprint Device now with your android mobile phone with the help of an USB cable and OTG connector.
  • Then return to the page and see the table under “make and models of fingerprints” and select among the suitable one that exactly matched with your fingerprint device.
  • After successful installation of your finger print device, enter your Aadhaar number, mobile number and your email address. After filling it up, click on Submit and enter the OTP that will receive in your  phone.
  • In the next screen Client authentication page appears and you need to enter your name here as mentioned in Adhaar Card. Then you need to put your finger on the Bio Metric Finger Print Device and press Scan.
  • Then repeat the previous step (enter your Aadhaar number, mobile number and your email address. After filling it up, click on Submit and enter the OTP that will come in your device).
  • Then , fill up all the details required i.e PPO Number and Pension Paying authority, reemployment details, remarriage details  etc. Then put your finger on the device and click on Scan again.  Now the process is complete now.

For Defence Pensioners

Pension PPO : Must Mention SPARSH PPO Number



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