Digital Life Certificate on SPARSH Portal or Non SPARSH Pensioners using Mantra MFS100 Finger Print Machine

It is very easy process to submit your Digital Life Certificate from home using your laptop/PC and a Mantra Fingerprint Scanner machine.

Here are some steps to complete the process.

Stes for  For All Govt Pensioners 

Following is the broad categorization of the pre-requisites & steps involved on how to perform identification using Aadhaar Biometric.

1. Download Mantra RD Service setup.

2. How to install Mantra -MFS100 driver setup installation

3. Mantra RD Service Installation.

4. MFS100 Registered Device detect.

5. RD Service Test Application.

 6. Proxy Setting.

7. Browser Configuration for Web RD Test.

8. Device Registration on Management Server.

9. Technical Support.

10. Performing Digital Life certificate (DLC) by capturing Biometric.

Click here for details of the process and setup the biometric capture device on your PC.

If you are a SPARSH Pensioner the follow the  steps mentioned below :

If you want to submit your life other than using SPARSH Portal, then just go through the Jeevan Praman DigitalLife Certificate submission process and follow  the direction as mentioned below :

Option . 1 –  Instructions For identification:-
On Jeevan Pramaan Portal on Digital Life Certificate, pensioner is required to fill in the following-

• PDA    ;    SPARSH
• PPO No. ;   SPARSH PPO No.
• Account No.;    Bank a/c no. (in which pension was being received)

Option – 2 Instructions For identification on SPARSH Portal

Submit Life Certificate in SARSH portal

You may now submit your life certificate using the SPARSH Portal just clicking on the left panel “Life Certificate/identification”  then in the right side main screen click on “perform life certificate/ identification”.

At this stage you will have two option 1.  Manual life certificate  2. Aadhar.  If you hve your own fingerprint biometric device, then click on Aadhar. Otherwise click on manual life certificate.

If you have opted Aadhar option, you need to access the aadhar linked mobile where you will receive the OTP thereafter the biometric scan of your finger print will be given. Just the follow the next steps to complete the process s appears in the screen.

If you are not comfortable with fingerprint machine (biometric) or you don’t have it, then you may choose the manual life certificate option.

To upload manual life certificate, firstly generate MLC Certificate number and not it down. Thereafter click on initiate request. You need to download the life certificate format from here and signed by pensioner and authenticate by a gazetted officer.  Once you have uploaded it here, the process is complete.


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