Dept of Pension & PW Recommended Additional Pension for older than 65 Years ?

additional pension

Considering the increased medical expenses and other aspects of day to day requirement, additional pension has been allowed by the Govt for old aged pensioners. To reduce the minimum age limit, various pensioners associations have approached the Govt authorities.

Railway Senior Citizens Welfare Society has submitted a representation to the Finance Minister  on 05.09.2023 to consider the case regarding Grant of Additional Pension of 5%, 10%, 15% & 20% at the age of 65,70,75 & 80yrs respectively.

You may recall that earlier Govt authority published a minutes of meeting vide GOI, DoP&PW F.No. 17/4/2021-P&PW(Coord.)-E.7648 Dated 04.04.2022.  The recommendation is still waiting to be implemented by the Govt authority.

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An extract of the letter/representation submitted by the association is reproduced below :-
1. Parliamentary Standing Committee on Pensioner’s grievances in its 110th report vide recommendation No. 3.28 had recommended that “The committee is of the view that Government should sympathetically consider the demand of Pensioner’s Associations for 5% additional quantum of pension on attaining the age of 65 years, 10% on 70 years, 15% on 75 years and 20% on 80 years to the pensioners.” as per the table below: –

On Attaining the Age ofAdditional Quantum of Pension
Recommended by the Parliamentary
65 years5% of Basic Pension
70 years10% of Basic Pension
75 years15% of Basic Pension
80 years20% of Basic Pension

Ministry of DoP&PW vide their above referred letter had stressed for early implementation of the above recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee.

The Government seems to be in agreement with the above said recommendations for Additional Pension from the age of 65, 70 & 75 years but has not implemented the same due to its financial implications, as mentioned in 120th Report of Parliamentary Committee on Pensioners grievances.

The Pensioners continue to suffer due to ever rising cost of sustenance in old age due to failing health, ever rising cost of Medicines besides those of other social and family responsibilities. Financial implications of the proposal for additional Pension may please be reviewed sympathetically keeping in view the hardship of the Pensioners with every passing year of age. The Government of India may please consider the proposal sympathetically and provide for requisite funds for the same.

It is, therefore, requested that above said recommendations may please be implemented for grant of additional pension of 5% on attaining 65 years of age, 10% from 70 years of age and 15 % on attaining 75 years of age, in line with 20% of additional pension as already granted on attaining the age of 80 yrs.

Yours truly,
Harchandan Singh Secy. General/RSCWS


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