Dependent Identity Card Application for Exservicemen Family

Application Process for Dependent Identity Card for Exservicemen Family

All Exserviceman, during their lifetime can get Dependent I Card (DIC) for – Wife and Dependents. But after his death all DIC issued to his Wife and other dependents will become invalid and must be returned to ZSB. 

All pensioner ESM should get ESM ID Card from ZSB. All pensioner Widows should have Widow ID Card from ZSB. 

Note: Both ESM and Widow ID Cards are mandatory requirement but, Dependent ID Cards for Wife and Family members is not a mandatory requirement. 

All widows who are getting pension will be given Widow ID Cards. If widow got her Widow Card, then she can get Dependent ID Cards for her all dependent children. 

6) Dependents, who are getting family pension, such as Disabled Child or Unmarried/ widow/ divorced Daughter, can get DIC. 

What’s the use of DIC ?

(a) You may use it to identify yourself as Dependent of an ESM to get flight tickets on Armed Forces concessional Rates. You may also use ECHS Card or any other ID Card issued by Defence HQ/Units.  

(b) DIC may be required to enter ECHS and CSD. However, specific Cards are given for these purposes. 

(c) DIC can NOT be used to enter any restricted defence area. 

Actually, there is hardly any use of DIC. An ESM supposed to have ESM ID card which he can use everywhere and after his death his widow wife will get a Widow ID Card, which she can use everywhere. So don’t be in a hurry to get DIC for your family. 

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