Demand for Equal MSP and Actual OROP Case Update

Fight for Rights of Jawans continued not only at Jantar Mantar, Delhi but also the Exservicemen Jawans/JCOs/HCOs and Veer Narees of more than 700 districts of India participated in the mass protest on 3rd April. Since then the agitation is continued.

The agitation and protest at various region and at Jantar mantar is continued since February 2023, thousands of Jawans, JCOs and HCOs have gathered to show their dissatisfaction and raised voice against the discrimination on OROP Benefit, MSP, Promotions, Pension, various welfare related Entitlements/ benefits. 

Both the categories of soldiers i.e Jawans and Commissioned Officers are deployed in the risk and hardship areas but the officers are getting Military Service pay 3 times more than that of Jawans/JCOs.

Due to British colonial system of command in the Armed Forces of independent India, the disparity and pay and parks is still continued but a huge grievances has been accumulated in the community of JCOs/OR (Jawans) specially indicating the discriminations with the Commissioned officers of the Armed Forces. 

The training and fear of disciplinary obligations resisted the veteran Jawans to rise their voice against the discriminations in the appropriate forum against the all odds. 

On 12th March, thousands of retired Jawans, JCOs and HCOs from all parts of the country to raise their voice against the discrepancies.  Memorandum have been submitted to MPs and MLAs of all regions of the country. The ESM organisation have gathered at their own district HQs and submitted the representation on the disparity and discriminations in Armed Forces in terms of pay and allowances and other benefits in service and after retirement also.

They have submitted  their representations to each and every District magistrate/ SDM all over India on 3rd April 2023 demanding parity and removal of discrimination in Armed Forces. The District Magistrates/SDM/ District Collectors from various parts of the country have accepted the representation/memorandum of the ESM Organisations and acknowledged. The District administrations from various districts have also confirmed that the demand of the Exservicemen will be considered by the appropriate authority in due course.

ESM Info Club strongly stands beside the Jawans and JCOs/HCOs community to support their Fight for Rights.  We salute the initiatives of various ESM organisations in this movement. Court case filed at Delhi High Court on Equal MSP case has been heard from time to time and now it has been scheduled tp be heard on 21 July 2023.

            Besides this, the agitation and demonstration program of Veteran Jawans will be continued at Jantar Mantar until their demand and grievances is redressed by the appropriate authority.


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