Defence Pensioners may get delayed Pension in January 2022 also

Since last Two months you might have experienced that your pension is not credited in scheduled time as you reccivied regularly.  In November 2021 many pensioners have not received their pension in their bank account even after 3rd December .  Similar thing repeated to some pensioneres in December also. In january also your pension may be paid late. But you must not be so worried. Your pension is always yours. Relax and say,  all is well.  In this article you will know reason for Delay in Pension Payment of Defence Pensioners in this month and last month.

Reasons for delayed payment of pension of Defence pensioners

One of the most common reason for delayed pension payment in this month is migration of your pension account system from Bank to SPARSH. Change of system may take some time but in long run it will be benefiial for pensioners.

Existing Pension Payment System

Existing pension payment /disbursement system is fully controlled by Bank/DPDO.  CPPC of your bank controls the all type of pension payment every month until no restrictions on payment issued by the PCDA.  Payment of DA and all other things are controlled by your bank based on the instructions of PCDA. Bank disburse the pension of all pensioners based on their disbursement schedule.  From July 2021, the existing system is being replaced by SPARSH pension payment system in phased manner.

What is SPARSH

System for Pension Administration (RAKSHA) (SPARSH) is being implemented for meeting the pension sanction and disbursement requirements for Armed Forces viz. Army, Navy, Air Force and Defence Civilians.  This system will be administered by the Defence Accounts Department through the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions) , Prayagraj and shall cater to all the three Services and allied organisations. The system will initially cater to the new retirees on roll out and subsequently be extended to cover the existing defence pensioners.

The system would cater to all activities of the pension cycle namely:

  • Initiation and Sanction
  • Disbursement
  • Revision
  • Service and Grievance Request Management

How you will get benefit from SPARSH

Once your pension payment started in SPARSH system, you will get the pension disbursed directly from PCDA. In case of any grievance, you may lodge it through the SPARSH Portal using you own user ID and password which will be resolved within possible minimum time frame. Chances of discrepancy will be minimized, in fact an error free pension disbursement system for defencce pensioners will be established.

Implementation of SPARSH system.

As per SPARSH pension system is being implemented in four phases as described below :-

Phase -1 –  Pension of all Defence civilians and combatants who retired July 2021 onwards have been processed through SPARSH. Their Pension PPO need not to be forwarded to CPPC. Pension is directly credited to their bank account.

Phase -2 – Existing pensioners (mostly) who have been retired from 01.01.2016 to till date have already been migrated from bank to SPARSH system for direct payment of pension to the pensioners bank account.  During December 2021, this phase has been implemented and in January the next phase is being implemented, hence there is a possibility of delay of pension due to migration from old system to new system of pension . Pension has not been credited as previous schedule to the account of some pensioners who retired in this period due to migration of their account from Bank to SPARSH. This is due to change in system and may take upto one week more.

Phase -3 – In this phase all remaining active pensioners’ account will be migrated from Bank to  SPARSH. Hopefully within a couple of months the process will be completed. One your Pension system migrated from bank to SPARSH, you will reeive an user ID and Password on your registered mobile and Email ID.

Phase – 4 – In this  phase account of all non pensioners/ non active cases will be migrated for future reference and digitalization.

Action to be done by pensioners for implementation of SPARSH.

All pensioners are required to keep active your mobile number and email ID which is registered with your pension account so that you may keep the communication continued with PCDA and get your Login credential of SPARSH. Once you receive your user ID and Password in your mobile no and email ID, you must verify your data on SPARSH as per guidelines available in the PCDA website.

How to Log in to SPARSH portal ?

Login to SPARSH Portal is very easy. You will receive your user ID and Password in your registered email and mobile. To know details click here.


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