Defence Personnel Scholarship Schemes Eligiblility Criteria and Application Process

Various Govt Organisations provides Scholarshop for Children of Defence personnel. In this article we will know the elegibility criteria, application process and other details of such Scholarships

ESSA Scholarship for children of serving Army personnel.

Army Welfare Education Society introduced this scholarship scheme for wards of army personnel. The program provides scholarships to the children of serving officers, JCOs and OR. Awards are determined by academic achievement. Scholarship amounts range from ₹1500 to ₹6000 per annum. The Scholarship is supported by the Army Welfare Education Society. This helps in empowering individuals for pursuing their academic interests and career.

Eligibility Criteria for ESSA Scholarship

  • Wards of serving Army personnel and MNS who have not attained 25 years of age at the time of completion of class/course from class IX to PG level of education studying in Govt / Recognized Private Educational Institutions.
  • Wards of Retired Army Personnel, Territorial Army personnel (TA) and deceased Army personnel are not eligible.

Selection Process for ESSA Scholarship

Based on merit the children of military personnel are awarded this scholarship. Cut off percentages/grades for various classes and categories are –

Class                                                      Officer                                  JCO                                        OR

IX-X                                                        A1/91                                    A2/81                                    B1/71

XI to XII                                                  90                                           87                                           72

Graduation                                         75                                           75                                           60

PG/Professional Courses              75                                           75                                           60

Rates of AWES Scholarships for Children of Military Personnel

Class      :               Class IX to XII

Amount :             ₹1500 per annum

Class      :               Graduation

Amount :             ₹2500 per annum

Class      :               Professional/PG course

Amount :             ₹6000 per annum

When apply for ESSA Scholarships for Children of Military Personnel

The applications should pertain to the declared results of the immediately preceding academic year between 01 Oct of the preceding year and 30 Nov of the current year i.e. 01 Oct last year to 30 Nov this year.

Submission of ESSA Applications – 2023-24

Serving Army Officers, JCOs and OR will submit applications to Director ESSA, Army Welfare Education Society, AG’s Branch, Integrated HQ of MoD (Army), Building No 202, Shankar Vihar, Delhi Cantt, New Delhi-110010

Last Date: 30 Nov 2023

For more details visit

AGIF Scholarship for children of Military Personnel

AGIF provides Scholarship under their Scholarship Schemes for wards of Officers, JCOs and OR in Army Welfare Educational Society (AWES) institutions.  Amount of the Scholarship is Rs 40,000/ (Rupees Forty Thousand Only) per annum.

Students belong to the following 12 AWES institutes are only covered under the AGIF Scholarship Scheme :-

  • Army College of Dental Science (ACDS), Secunderabad.
  • Army Institute of Law (AIL), Mohali.
  • Army College of Medical Science (ACMS), Delhi Cantt.
  • Army Institute of Technology (AIT), Pune.
  • Army College of Nursing (ACN), Jalandhar.
  • Army Institute of Nursing (AIN), Guwahati.
  • Army Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (AIHM&CT), Bangalore.
  • Army Institute of Management Kolkata (AIMK).
  • Army Institute of Management & Technology (AIMT), Greater Noida.
  • Army Institute of Fashion Design (AIFD), Bangalore.
  • Army Institute of Education (AIE), Delhi.
  • Army Centre of Education (ACE), Panchmarhi.

The percentage of eligible students for award of AGIF Scholarships is 24 % of actual intake per stream per year. Distribution of 24% vacancies for the Scholarships are :

  • Officers Wards. – 6%.
  • Wards of JCOs/OR – 10%.
  • Girls of JCOs/OR – 8%.

Total 24%

Eligibility Conditions for AGIF Scholarship :

  • Only wards of serving/ ex-servicemen Officers and JCOs/OR, are eligible for the scholarship.
  • The Scholarship will be admissible from the first year of admission, which will be based on the percentage of marks scored in the 10+2 level/ degree level examination. Subsequent year’s scholarships will be awarded based on the performance of the students in the preceding year of the technical/ professional course.
  • The merit list will be prepared by the Head of the respective twelve AWES institutes and forwarded to AGIF every year for the scholarships of subsequent years. This implies that if your ward is entitled to a scholarship of Rs 40,000/ per annum should he/she be studying in any of the AWES institutions and scores high enough marks to get in to the merit list. It is quite a sizeable incentive for both the parents and the wards.

For more details kindly visit the website mentioned below for details of the scholarship, including a sample form on how to apply for it at


PMSS Scholarship for Children of Exservicemen

Apply for Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme (PMSS)

PMSS Scholarship 2022 For wards of Ex Army, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard

Other Educational scholarships are disbursed to the children of Army personnel are :

  • Battle Casualty:100% reimbursement from Class-1 onwards. To claim thebenefits, please contact CW-3, AG’s Branch, IHQ of MoD(Army), New Delhi-110011.
    • Complete exemption from tuition fee (full amount) and other fees (capitation fee and caution money not included) levied by the educational institution concerned (including charges levied for the school bus maintained by the school or actual fares paid for railway pass for students or bus fare certified by the Head of institute).
    • Hostel charges in full for those studying in boarding schools and colleges.
    • Cost of Books and Stationary: Rs 1000/- per annum per student orthe amount claimed by the student whichever is less.
    • Cost of Uniform where this is Compulsory: Rs 1700/- at themaximum during Ist year and Rs 700/- for the subsequent years per annum per student or the amount claimed by the student whichever is less.
    • Clothing: Rs 500/- for the first year and Rs 300/- for the subsequentyears per annum per student or the amount claimed by the student whichever is less.
    • The above educational concessions will be available upto and inclusive of the First Degree Courses. Therefore, individual can apply to R&W Section for educational scholarship from Army Welfare Corpuses.
  • Death in Harness Cases: Wards of all personnel who have died in harnessare given scholarship by R&W Section of AG’s Branch. Imp details are:-
    • Eligibility: Children of all death in harness cases, other than battlecasualties.
    • Maximum of two children and from Class I onwards. Children securing less than 45% marks are not eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship is given at the following rates:-
      • Class I-VIII – Rs 4000/- per annum per child.
      • Class IX- XII – Rs 5,000/- per annum per child.
      • Graduation – Rs 10,000/- per annum per child.
      • Post Graduation – Rs 15,000/- per annum per child.
      • Professional Courses – Tuition Fees + Rs 5000/- (For books) subject to a maximum of Rs 25,000/- per annum per child.
  • Application: Application Form duly filled along with the following documents may please be forwarded to R&W Section, AG’s Branch, IHQ of MoD(Army), Kashmir House, New Delhi 110011 by 30 Nov each year.
    • Mark sheet of the last class.
    • Certificate from the Principal where studying.
    • Original receipts of tuition fees.


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