Feb 2024 Pension for Defence Credited

Defence Pensioners Received Msg from SPARSH and Pension Credited for Feb 24

It is well known that most of the Defence pensioners are getting their pension through the SPARSH pension disbursal system directly from the Ministry of Defence , PCDA.  It has been experienced from the last few months that SPARSH used to send a msg well for the payment of pension , mostly on the last week of every month. 

In January also most of the SPARSH Pensioners got msg containing intimation regarding pension payment for the month and their pension have been credited to bank account on the last day of the month.

In February, most of the pensioners are still waiting for the msg from PCDA that they usually received on their mobile phone by the beginning of last week of the month.   However, those who are still drawing pension from the bank, I mean who have yet to be migrated to SPARSH, have no such any expectation regarding advance intimation of pension credit.

On 27th and 28th, many Defence Pensioners have received their pension credited to their bank account as per feed received.  When enquired, it has been found that all these pensioners are yet to be migrated to SPARSH and they have got their pension for the month of Feb 2024 directly from Bank CPPC of their concerned bankers.

SPARSH Pensioners need not to be worried as they did not receive any msg regarding pension credit advance information from PCDA.  Pension for the month of Feb will be credited on the last day of the month  i.e 29th Feb 2024 without any delay.  Since the SPARSH has been rolled out, pension payment for the Defence payment is done every month on the last working day of the month.  As usual, this month also it will be done.

Regarding non receipt of msg from the PCDA, as every month the Defence pensioners receive during beginning of the last week of the month , it has been communicated by the authority that, due some technical issues, msg sending system has been deferred however, there are no such problem in pension payment on the last day of the month expected.   So, Defence pensioners may be assured that they all will get their legitimate pension on the last day of the month.

In March 2024, the pensioners and salaried persons may not get their dues  i.e – pension, payment etc on the last day of March 2024 as it is the closing day of the financial year.  Pension and payment of March 2024 , as usual will be paid during the first week of  April. So, the veterans and family pensioners need not to be worried of this thing.

Regarding Life certificate, you must check that you life certificate has been submitted to SPARSH Properly. Either, there may be substantial delay in pension payment in the next month.

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