Defence Pensioners may Submit Life Certificate anytime in the Year

defence pensioners may submit life certificate anytime in the year

In general, Pensioners are asked to submit their Life Certificate in November every year. However, Pensioners belongs to Central and state Govt/PSU/Autonomous body used to draw their pension from CPPC of the bank in which their pension account exist.

After introduction of SPARSH pension system, defence pensioners are getting their pension directly from the CPPC. Role of CCPC of the Bank has been ended. Life certificate submitted by the defence pensioners to Bank CPPC will not be accepted by the pension disbursing authority i.e SPARSH. All Defence pensioners (migrated to SPARSH) are required to submit their life certificate to SPARSH only through various means of submission. Banks also accept the Life Certificate but the same will be further to be forwarded to SPARSH only and not to the CPPC concerned.

As per SOP of the SPARSH systems, Pensioners (Defence) need to complete their identification process (Life Certificate ) once in a year irrespective of the month of the year. Alike bank, SPARSH pensioners may submit their life certificate any time in the year and their next due date will be after one year. So, it is not necessary to submit the Life certificate of the Defence Pensioners in November only. If your life certificate is due in November, you may submit it in October or September also to avoid the crowd of next year November. In such case your Next due date for Life Certificate submission will be September/October as the case may be.

In an RTI reply of a Defece Officer (Retired), the Team SPARSH has confirmed that Defence need not necessarly submit their Life Certificate within the due ration of their “Due” period of Life certificate anytime of the year. Next due date will be fixed after one year from the date of submission of Life certificate/identification process of the current year.

How ever, if the pensioner failed to complete the identification process/Life Certificate once in a Year, his pension may be paused untill the Life certificate submitted. Those whose Life certificate was due in November,2023, should have submit it by November 2023 either their pension may be stopped.

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