Banks Must Ensure Linking Defence Pensioner’s Life Certificate With SPARSH

Thousands of defence pensioners are worried of their Life Certificate submission. A large number of defence pensioners submitted their Life Certificate in Bank as they do not have sufficient tools to complete identification process/ submit life certificate directly to SPARSH.

But the Life certificate submitted / identification completed in Bank through Jeevan Praman portal need to be accepted by SPARSH. In general, it is seen that, if one correctly submits Life Certificate/identification process through digital biometric device, the same is reflected in the SPARSH Portal in the personal profile of the pensioner within 3 working days.

The most disappointed thing reported by a large number of veterans and family pensioners that even after completed their life certificate through Jeevan Praman portal at Bank / other places using Biometric devices, their identification status in SPARSH is till not updated. Their Life certificate is still pending. What are the remedies ?

When we contacted the SPARSH team, they have failed to resolve the issue. After an extensive study of the entire matter, it has been found that the Bank usually submits Life Certificate of the Veterans/family pensioners using biometric device on Jeevan Praman portal. Several information / details need to be given in the portal during Identification process which may not be selected properly.

To check present identification status of your life certificate for 2023, you should check it through SPARSH portal. You may check it through login to your SPARSH profile and click on life certificate / identification. It should be valided up to Nov 2024. Else you need to complete identification process again. You may check the present life certificate/identification status without login to the portal also. Detailed process is described below.

Step -1 – Brows the official website of SPARSH and hover to Services as Red Upside arrow shown below. Then click on the Know your SPARSH PPO and identification status (Red Left arrow). You will be redirected to the next screen as mentioned below.

Step -2 – put your details below as available with you. I have placed my personal number and bank account No. then placed the captcha. on pressing the search button a comprehensive details of my pension and Identification status appeared here.

The Red tick row denotes the present identification / life certificate status. Identification and Life certificate is the same thing.

As shown above, the life certificate of the above person is completed. If not completed, may submit their life certificate with proper selection of pension sanction authority, disbursing agency, agency as shown below. Remedial action to put Correct Life Certificate through Jeevan Praman Portal using Biometric device is here. Open jeevan praman portal on your PC / mobile phone. It may be completed by Bank/ service centre also.

Step – 3 – After authentication with OTP, you will be brought to the next screen wherein you need to select following data to ensure correctly linked with SPARSH Portal as shown in the figure below :-

(a) PPO Number – It must be SPARSH PPO
(b) Type of pension – Service pension
(c) Organisation Type – Central Government
(d) Sanctioning Authority – Defence – PCDA (P) Allahabad
(e) Disbursing Agency – SPARSH – PCDA (Pension) Allahabad
(f) Agency – SPARSH – PCDA (Pension) Allahabad
(g) Account Number (Pension ) – Bank account Number

In the event of wrong selection of PPO Number, Pension Sanction Authority and Pension Disbursing Agency, Agency your Life Certificate will not be reached/accepted by SPARSH. You Life certificate status will show pending and your pension may be paused.

If you want to put your identification/Life certificate through SPARSH directly, you may put it now using MLC or DLC- Biometric device. You may buy a Fingerprint device which will be used for life.

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