Defence Pensioners Entitled Pension with Latest Pension Table : Check Now

Defence Pensioners Entitled Pension with Latest Pension Table : Check it Now

SPARSH has now credited pension to your bank.  Have you ever checked if you are getting correct pension or not ? In this article we will provide you the correct pension information you can confirm your actual entitlement..  You do not need to know your basic pay, date of retirement etc.  Just need your total service and Rank Last Held.

On 20 January, MoD has issued OROP Latest Table as your pension has been revised under OROP 2nd Revision w.e.f 01.07.2019.  You should get arrears for the period of 01.07.2019 to 31.12.2022 and thereafter you should get your increased pension, if applicable.  

On the basis of calculation done by your Bank/ SPARSH, arrears have been paid to all OROP beneficiaries for Installment -I and Installment – 2.  The 3rd installment will be paid by 30 Nov 2023 and Fourth installment by Feb 2024.

So, let’s check your pension entitlement here.   Table 7 is given below which is applicable to all Gp Y soldiers, sailors and Airmen (Below Commissioned officer Rank).  Follow the table and you will get to know your exact entitlement of your pension. This table is not applicable to Gp X JCOs/OR who retired after 31.12.2015. It is to be noted that who are getting less pension every month as per this table, must inform it to your Bank/ SPARSH as applicable to you. Those who are getting more, should not be worried. Your pension will be protected.

OROP -II Pension Table No. 7 For JCOs/OR Sepoy to Hony Capt Rank

Those who are not covered under this table may check it from the tables as link given below –

All table of OROP  for all Ranks – 

Separate Table No 8 – 

If you are getting disability pension, may check your entitlement at table No 93 which is placed below : 


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