Defence Pensioners Documentation Guide : How to Delete Name of Deceased Wife from Record 

In the event of unfortunate demise of wife/spouse, ESM must intimate the death and submit Death Certificate in following places:-

1) Pension Account Bank. If pension account is jointly held with the wife.

2) To SPARSH Website. If already migrated to SPARSH, please log in and upload Death certificate or visit any SPARSH Help Centre to intimate Death. 

Please follow this link to know detailed process of Intimation of Death of Pensioners.


3) To Records Office. Intimate in writing at the earliest through ZSB Barasat. 

Procedure to intimate Death to Record Office


1) Personal Application.
(a) In three original copies. Bring printouts.
(b) Addressed to Record Officer. 
(c) Give your Rank, Name SNo., Date of Retirement, PPO No, full address, PIN Code, Mobile Number, Email ID if available. 
(d) Intimating the date of death, reason of death, place of death etc.  
(e) Whether wife’s Name is written in your PPO. 
(f) Keep enough space at the bottom of the application for stamps and signature of Secretary ZSB. 

2) Death Certificate. 
(a) Must be issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths. 
(b) One original Death Certificate or photocopy to be brought. 
(c) It will be attested by ZSB Secretary after checking with the original. 
3) Copy of PPO/JN-PPO/SPARSH PPO in which Wife’s Name is written.

4) Copy of Discharge Book. 
Only pages having Service Particulars of ESM and Family details page, having wife’s Name. 

5) Copy of Adhaar Card of Wife. Name matching with Death Certificate and PPO.

6) Copy of PAN Card of Wife. 


1) Bring three copies of Application Form, along with one copy each of all other supporting documents.   Also bring all original documents to ZSB. Pl take appointment. 

2) After checking with your original documents, Secretary ZSB will sign and recommend your application and attest your other documents.

3) Only one copy of application will be kept at ZSB. One copy will be given to you as receipt copy. Third copy along with all supporting documents will be given to you. 

4) You send it to your Record Office by Post Office speed post and not by courier service.

5) Records Office will publish spouse death occurance Part-II Order/NAVPEN Order/POR and send copies to you and ZSB. 

Note: AF record office (DAV) will NOT send hard copies of POR to you by post. It will be uploaded in the IAF pensioner’s website. Website Name:-

6) We will make entry of Part 2 Order in your Discharge Book, as and when adequate staff is available at ZSB. 


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